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  • The recruiting goals for FY ’84 submarine officer accessions have been set at 675 nuclear submarine officers and 26 general. non-nuclear submarine officers. The quota breakdown for nuclear accessions is: USNA 220, NROTC 198, NUPOC 257.

Prior to FY ’83, the best year brought in 518 nuclear submariners. In FY ’83 with 666 volunteers, it was the first time that nuclear submarine officer accession goals were met. Several factors produced this result: the economy, NUPOC recruiting which achieved 1 03~ of its goal, the $6000 nuclear accession bonus, recruiting efforts at NROTC units and the efforts of Professors of Naval Science at 11 universities, similar recruiting efforts at the U.S. Naval Academy, summer cruise recruiting
efforts by the submarine force, and improved long-range trends in sea/shore rotation, tour
length, billet availability, PG school, etc.

The goal of an all-nuclear submarine force and of 11/9 sea-shore rotation remain. Increasing
accessions cannot however be the sole means of getting there. Improving the retention rate of
officers must also be stressed. But there is cause for cautious optimism that submarine
officer career pattern goals are in range.

  • A few of the important officer changes in assignments: submarine flag Rear Admiral
    Jack B. Mooney, Jr., to Chief of Naval Research in October; Rear Admiral Lawrence Burkhardt, III, to
    Asst. Deputy CNO for Manpower, Personnel and Training, in August; Rear Admiral Austin Scott to
    Commander Submarine Force Pacific in June ’83; Rear Admiral Bruce DeMars to Asst. Deputy CNO for Submarine Warfare; Commodore Guy Curtis to Director Strategic Submarine Division, OP-21,
    OPNAV in August; and Commodore Roger F. Bacon to Director Strategic and Theater Nuclear Warfare, OP-65, OPNAV in July.
  • Commander Jasper Johnston, Jr. , CO of the Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641) (Gold Crew) was Atlantic
    Fleet recipient of the 1983 Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale Award for inspirational leadership. The
    award is made to commissioned officers below the grade of Captain who are in command of a surface
    ship, air squadron, or submarine at the time of their nomination by their peers, who are also eligible for the award.

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