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  • On August 30, 1983, Vice Admiral Ralph W. Christie celebrated his 90th birthday and the Pearl Harbor Sub Base held an “Admiral Christie Day” with a parade and reception at Lockwood Hall. Admiral Christie was Commander Submarines Southwest Pacific during World War 11–his submarines making a major contribution to the War in the Pacific through their sinkings of Japanese ships. Admiral Christie is particularly remembered for his quick recognition of the valiant and heroic deeds of others. His dockside presentation of medals to returning submarine skippers along with his pursuit of the posthumous award of the Medal of Honor for Commander Sam Dealey, skipper of the Harder, were recognized as moves which created the needed morale in his force.
  • Admiral Harry Train, one of our foremost submariners and retired from his Atlantic Fleet command a little over a year ago, recently completed a 5 1/2 month hike of 2138 miles across the Appalachian Trail. He left Springer Mountain in Georgia on March 18th for the “through hike” and ended 159 days later at the trail’s end at Mount Katahdin, Maine. Why did he do it? “I’ve wanted to do this for at least 10 years”, he said. Then he noted, “People have asked me whether I was able to think deep thoughts or philosophize . . . . The answer is ‘No. You can’t because if you do, you get lost.'”
  • Flag Officers Announcements (Submariners):
  1. Rear Admiral Albert J. Baciocco, Jr., was appointed to the grade of Vice Admiral in his current assignment as Director, Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.
  2. Rear Admiral Edward A. Burkhalter, Jr. , was appointed to the grade of Vice Admiral in his current assignment as Director, Intelligence Community.
  3. Commodore Guy H. Curtis, III, Director, Strategic Submarine Division and TRIDENT Program Coordinator became Director, Attack Submarine Projects Office (new position), Naval Sea Systems Command.

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