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  • In 1946, Dr. Waldo K. Lyon formed the Arctic Submarine Laboratory at the Naval Oceans Systems Center, San Diego and was its first Director. In 1947, he was aboard Boarfish (SS-327) for the first Arctic effort under ice. 37 years and 27 Arctic SUBICEXs later–on 22 January 1984–Dr. Lyon, the Technical Director and Coordinator for those exercises, turned over the directorship of the Arctic Sub Lab to Captain E. J. Sabol Jr., USN. Dr. Lyon through these many years has participated in most of the Arctic submarine deployments and has been a major force in the development of hardware and techniques for submarine Arctic under-ice operations. Dr. Lyon stays on at NOSC as Chief Engineer so his Arctic expertise remains for use by the Submarine Service. At the same time, the “fleet connection” which Dr. Lyon established between his Artie Lab and the Submarine Force, has been formalized so that Capt. Sabol will now report to both ComSubLant and ComSubPac regarding Arctic readiness and operational support.
  • A 10 February 1984 ALNAV notes the selection of seven submarine Captains for -:>romotion to the grade of Commodore:

Thomas Robert Fox – OP21B, OPNAV Ralph Whitaker West, Jr. – Chief of Staff, ComSubPac

John McKay Kersh- Chief of Staff, ComSubLant

Michael Christian Colley – ComSubRon Two

James D. Cossey Director, Middle East/African Div. J-5, JCS

Stanley E. Bump – Executive Assistant to CHNAVMAT John W. Koenig .- Director of Submarine Distribution NAVMILPERSCOMD

  • In Admiral Watkins’ 7 February 1984 statement before the Senate Armed Services Committee on the FY 85 military posture, it was pointed out that overall nuclear submarine officer retention had risen to 46.4 percent by FY 83. However, he noted that the “most serious problem” was the shortage of midgrade nuclear qualified officers. This deficit equated to 26 percent in the ranks of Lieutenant Commander through Captain, and is projected to increase to 32 percent by FY 86.
  • Added to the list of new Commodores is the former skipper of the Dolphin and now a designated surface officer, Captain John Richard Seesholtz, USN, presently the Oceanographer of the Navy.
  • The following submarine major command assignments have been announced: ComSubRon 1, Capt. Alfred Cheaure; ComSubRon 7, Capt. William Hicks; ComSubRon 17, Capt. Jon Barr; ComSubRon 2, Capt. Richard Riddell; ComSubRon 4, Capt. William Owen; ComSubRon 6, Capt. Edgar Hux; ComSubRon 8, Capt. Thomas Meinicke; ComSubRon 18, Capt. Karl Kaup and ComSubDev Group 1, Capt. John Maurer, Jr.

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