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As the Naval Submarine League enters into its fourth year and with the success of the Third Annual Symposium behind us, I feel the League has finished its organizational phase and has entered its growth and character building (image) phase. Lest we not lose sight of our objectives, I intend to discuss each of them periodically in this forum.

Our lead objective is “To stimulate and promote an awareness, by all elements of American Society, of the need for a strong submarine arm of the U.S. Navy.”

Unfortunately this objective presents us with a tremendous challenge at a particular time in our nation’s history — when the media has shaped a public image of the Defense Establishment which equates such abuses as the $640 toilet seats and the $660 ash trays as ineptness along with financial irresponsibility. The growing threat of the Soviet submarine fleet to our vital sea lines of communications, however, is not only great today but will be even more devastating in another decade. While the most effective force which the United States and her Allies have to contain this threat is our submarine forces, we need to improve these forces as a matter of highest priority.

Just how well then is the Submarine League responding to our number one objective? We are making some progress in the following ways:

  1. The existence and content of the SUBMARINE REVIEW has fulfilled, in a first class manner, the need for a professional forum to educate our members, recent SOBIC and SOAC students, midshipmen and a growing group of influential complimentary members.
  2. Our film-loan program  has been of assistance for those addressing  select small   groups.
  3. The discussion sessions accompanying the local NSL Chapter meetings are having a positive effect and feed back.
  4. The speaking opportunities afforded our Board Members and President as a part of other travel has had a good response.
  5. The annual Corporate Benefactor Recognition Day agenda has focused on methods to stimulate and promote awareness of the need for a strong submarine force.
  6. Finally, the annual Symposium has partially fulfilled this objective.

In sum, we have started the more obvious initiatives. The question for our membership and chapters is. at this stage of organizational maturity, what ideas should be nurtured and implemented? What mix of initiatives is necessary so the talents of all members can be employed?

Please give this question serious consideration and send me an informal note with your ideas. The Naval Submarine League must be, as the submarine service is, a team effort.



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