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Let there be rejoicing in the NSL — We moved the mountain!

When Admiral Bruce DeMars [then DCNO(Subs)] asked that the NSL undertake the sponsorship of a Submarine Documentary, coordinate the efforts to raise $525,000 from our Corporate Donors and oversee the myriad of details necessary to make a documentary happen, little did we realize the adventure we, the NSL, were about to embark on.

Now, 25 months later, with the funding goal reached, the film “in the can” and final editing underway, we can breathe a sigh of relief and look back at our accomplishment.

Let’s skip over the evaluation of the film for now and analyze what has happened. The NSL with 3850 members has helped give life to an educational vehicle which will reach tens of millions of people over the next few years. We understand the submarine mystique, but after the PBS showing, our belief in the value of submarines will be shared by countless more. This is a real example of a force multiplier in action. Of course, we hope the Submarine Force and the Recruiters will find the video useful for a decade or so. I thank all those contributors who made it possible.

As a special attraction, a 15 minute Sneak Preview of the Documentary entitled SUBMARINE! Steel Boats – Iron Men, will be shown at the NSL Symposium Banquet on 8 June 1989. This will be an historic event. Try to attend.

As a bonus, the NOV A program producers for PBS Television have offered to fund a sequel to the NSL Documentary focussing on the science and technology surrounding submarines. Vice Admiral Cooper, ACNO(USW) has agreed with the NSL to start preliminary discussions for such an effort.

Hang on NSL — Here we go again! When I review our NSL goals and objectives, I feel a great sense of pride in seeing what is happening.

Finally, the NSL Seventh Annual Symposium will be a great treat with some new ideas and a few surprises. It will be a sell-out, so when your reservation applications arrive, return them early!


P.S. Our data bank listing NSL Treasurer volunteers is at the low level alarm point. If you know of someone familiar with IRS dealings and accounting procedures who would be interested in applying for the position, have them give us a call. We would, of course, give preference to qualified volunteers who are NSL members, but others would not be ruled out.

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