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Based on last year’s initial success, the League will jointly sponsor with The Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory a second classified Submarine Technology Symposium, to be held in late May, 1989, at the Laboratory. VADM (Ret.) Bud Kauderer will again chair the event. The theme for this Symposium will be “The Technologies to SUpport the New and Expanded Submarine Roles and Missions.” The CNO, Admiral Carl Trost, has accepted our invitation to be the Symposium Banquet speaker. Details on the Symposium may be round in an article in this REVIEW. We look forward to another success!

I believe that from most any aspect, we all feel a real sense of pride when one reflects on how far the NSL has come since 30 June 1982. Our early growth rate was excellent and one that we could administratively handle with personalized treatment. Likewise our accomplishments have been significant and a short list will be repeated here for those unable to attend our annual business meetings:

  • Conduct Annual Business Meeting and Symposium
  • Sponsor Annual Corporate Benefactor Meeting
  • Sponsor Submarine Technology Forum
  • Publish THE SUBMARINE REVIEW professional magazine
  • Distribute Speakers Package “Submarine Navy” (Loan program)
  • Distribute submarine oriented 16mm films and VHS tapes (Loan program)
  • Distribute VHS films to Chapters .. (Loan program)
  • Distribute submarine oriented photographs
  • Sponsor production of Submarine Documentary
  • Sponsor NSL Literary Award Program
  • Sponsor Complimentary NSL Membership Program o Sponsor NSL ad hoc studies
  • Distribute THE SUBMARINE REVIEW to ships and stations
  • Present one year complimentary membership to each Sub School graduate and SOAC graduate o Distribute THE SUBMARINE REVIEW to USNA and NROTC units
  • One year complimentary memberships to new Dolphins, EDO, MC and Supply o Authors stipend increased to $200.00
  • Support DASO Visit Program
  • Support Submarine Guest of the Navy Ship Visits
  • Distribute Information to Corporate Benefactors
  • Support Submarine School SOAC/SOBC graduation ceremonies
  • Conduct NSL Fleet Awards Program
  • Provide NROTC Outstanding Achievement Awards

Well then, one might say: “Where’s the beef?” In a nut shell we have a vexing problem and the problem can be simply stated that the NSL has only had a net gain of just over 200 members over the past twelve months.

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Studies conducted by the NSL Directors indicate that a controlled positive growth is very desirable to fulfill the various missions of our organization. This number has averaged 500 new members net per year. It would be folly to expect us to achieve that number indefinitely but a drop of 70~ is worthy of discussion in this forum.

One asks, “What are the reasons for this drop-off?” Perhaps it is the seven year itch -perhaps complacency — things have gone so great, we individually slacked off on our goal to acquaint people with our organization and its purpose. Do you still carry a spare NSL registration form in your briefcase or tack an NSL brochure on the company bulletin board? Probably not, and I’m just as guilty as most.

So what do we do? For starters we need to follow Admiral Long’s observation that our best recruiting tool is not advertising or big promotions, but the day to day interest and solicitation efforts by our own members. I don’t believe we have reached the knee of the membership growth curve yet, so it’s up to each one of us to get our second wind and rejuvenate our membership growth momentum. Get a few spare brochures from Pat Lewis and sincerely try to get several new members. Call our new NSL Membership Chairman, Dave MacClary, at (703) 637-4595, and unload your ideas on him. He needs your thoughts and help. Finally, if you’re going to even a small submarine associated meeting, get a few spare registration forms and make them available. Many of our new members still relate that they have just heard of the League and a surprisingly large number found us by seeing a reference to the NSL in ┬Ěthe written press.

Let’s turn this around by our individual efforts. I’ll give you a status report next year on the results of this appeal. LET’S GO TEAM!!!

Finally, I wish you all a very prosperous New Year. Without a doubt, this is the greatest country in the world. There are lots of complex forc~s at large that are working against us. But by unity, individual efforts and concern we can keep the USA as a model of freedom and liberty. The NSL is dedicated to this cause. I ask in this New Year, your sober reflection and personal rededication to this wonderful country of ours.


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