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Regarding David Stumpfs need for REGULUS material, we have four submariners in the Orlando area who may be of help to him. CAPT Mike Sellars, USN(Ret.), COMSUBRON ONE during REGULUS I and II tests; CAPT Joe W. Beadles, USN(Ret.), COMSUBDN ill during the tests; CAPT Pete Burkhart, USN(Ret.), CO of a REGULUS launching sub, and CAPT Maury Horne, USN(Ret.), Flag LT and then Ops Officer for COMSUBPAC during that period.

A meeting could be set up here for a mutual exchange of information which, in spite of a 30 year lapse of time, may be of use to Dr. Stumpf.

This use of the NSL is a good example of furthering the objectives of the NSL

Mike Sellars

P .S.  A good article by Chick Clarey!


Relative to Dr. Stumpfs request for information on the REGULUS programs: I was commissioning Executive Officer of the USS HALIBUT (SSGN 587), with Walt Dedrick, the Captain, and Chuck Baron as Weapons Officer. HALIBUT was designed to carry four REGULUS Is or four REGULUS lis, but when the REGULUS II program was scrapped, we figured out how to carry five missiles. I was transferred after the shakedown cruise and relieved by John Mangold. Bus Cobean relieved Walt Dedrick after a patrol or two. I then became Submarine Squadron One Material Officer for a short time. As such, I tried to assist in keeping all five of the REGULUS boats in good condition. The information I have relates to the period between late 1958 and late 1961.

Rear Admiral Paul J, Early, USN(Ret.) 


I found K.J. Moore’s emerging technology article in the October issue of THE SUBMARINE REVIEW excellent. If it can be interpreted as nibbling at the edges of prejudice, as I have so interpreted it, I think the open forum concept is alive and well. Congratulations.

I was also glad to see “want ads’ by writers on page 91 of the October issue. I would appreciate it very much if you could print the following item for me in the next issue:

I am writing a history of the modern submarine and would appreciate any information from support staff or operational participants in tests of German Seehunds at Key West and Fort Lauderdale, June-September 1945. Please respond to Richard J. Boyle, P.O. Box 157, Los Ojos, NM 87551-0157. (505) 756-2543.

Dick Boyle


NSL has opened a dialogue with OP-02 concerning a joint NSUNavy effort in 1990 to produce a pictorial publication commemorating our 90th birthday. Our goal would be to complete the project in time to be available at the various 91st submarine birthday balls in 1991. If warranted, the 90th commemorative would serve as the baseline for the tOOth! Those NSL members wishing to assist with time, effort, advice, personal photographs, or whatever, are requested to write or call:

Naval Submarine League
P.O. Box 1146
Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 256-0891

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