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Books nod Articles in Foreign Languages

This edition of the Submarine Bibliography offers two samples of the rich body of work available in languages other than English. THE SUBMARINE REVIEW is indebted to General Marc Menez and to Dick Boyle for their contributions.


by Ingenier General dlere Classe Marc Menez.
French Navy (Ret.)


Antier, Jean-Jacques, Les Sous-mariniers. Paris: J. Grancher, 1976. (A story of the submarine crews from various nations over two world wars.)

Chambard, Claude, Les Sous-marins. Paris: Ed. France Empire, 1968. (A history of submarines during World Wars I and II, with a view on recent developments.)

Darrieus, Amiral (et alii), Les Sous-marins. Paris: Ed. geographiques, maritimes et coloniales, 1927. (An overview on subma-rines, their past and future, by French experts of the time-Capt. Landriau, Capt. Laurent.)

DGA/DCN Official Publication, Recuei! des sous-marins anciens de Ia Marine Nationale. Paris: 1988. (Characteristics and photographs)

Le Masson, Henri, Les sous-marins francais des orieines 0 863) jusgu’tl nos jours. Paris: Editions de la Cit6, 1981. (This book is a new edition of Du Nautilus 0 800> au Redoutahle published in 1959, upgraded by Francis Dousset.)

Ramirez Gabarrus, Manuel, El Arma Suhmarina Espanola. Madrid: EN Bazan CNM SA, 1983. (Non-commercial edition-a history of the Spanish Submarine Force.)

Toudouze, Georges G., Le sous-marin. roi de Ia mar. Paris: A. Lemerre, 1949. (A non-specialized essayist overview of the submarine from its beginning. Many historical.)


Bertin, L .E., La Marine Modeme. ancienne histoire et QUestions neuyes. Paris: Flammarion, 1914. (An outsider’ s view of the submarine, given in one chapter, in a rather negative way. At the time, Bertin was one of the most famous French naval architects and had been recently one of the creators of the Japanese Navy.)

Clerc-Rampal, G., Les Sous-marins. Paris: Hachette, 1919. (Historical and technical overview of submarines)

Daveluy, Amiral, Reminiscences. Paris: Economica, 1991. (Memoirs of Admiral Daveluy, one of the first French early submariners. One chapter gives his experience as commanding officer of GYMNOTE in 1897.)

Delpeuch, Maurice, Les sous-marins h travers les siecles. T.I: Les premiers sous-marins. T.D: Les sous-marins modemes. Paris: Soci~te d’Edition et de Publications, 1908. (A complete history of submarines, from the very beginning up to 1908. A valuable reference book written by Maurice Delpeuch, a former LCDR who resigned for health problems.)

Gautier, Emile, Le Goubet devant !’opinion publigue. Paris: L. Vanier, 1891 . (Press review published by a journalist from l& fiui2 on the trials of the experimental submarine GOUBET, the only French private venture in the modem submarine era.)

Goubet, C., Seconde partie du journal du bord. Experiences du sous-marin “Le Goubet n° r I (A log book on “Goubet n° 2” sea trials in Toulon (1900-1901). Followed by a press review and various letters from high-ranking naval authorities on this submarine.)

Hennebert, Lt. Colonel, Les Tomilles. Paris: Hachette, 1888. (A broad survey of torpedoes, that is to say torpedoes and mines in the present vocabulary, with views on submarines when necessary.)

Pesce, G.L. , La Navieation sous-marine. Paris: Vuibert et Nony, 1906. (Comparable to Delpeuch, differing slightly in scope)

Radiguer, Charles, La Navigation sous-marine. Paris: 0. Doin et Fils, 1911. (A technical overview of the art of submarining in the pre-World War I era, including a U.S.-French-English bibliography.)

Tissier, M., Sous-marins. Torpilles. Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, 1898-1899. (A good approach to what was known about submarines in these years. Much remained to be discovered.)


Castex, Capitaine de Fr~gate, Synth§e de Ia guerre sous-marjne. Paris: A. Challamel, 1920. (A tactical view of the submarine threat and way to oppose it by then Cdr. Castex, a well known French naval tactician.)

Hovgaard, William, Modem History of Warsbjps. London: Conway Maritime Press, 1920. (See Chapter VII on subma-rines-in English .)

Laubeuf, Maxime, Sous-marins et submersibles. Paris: Dela grave, 1917. (Submarines and submersibles as seen by Laubeuf, the leading French designer. Their development, their role during WWI, their role in the future. A survey of German submarines is also given.)

Roquebert, ICGM, Les Sous-marins, Toulon: DCN, 1924. (A secret report established by a commission set up by the French Navy Department with a view to deriving lessons from WWI in the submarine field. Roquebert is the rapporteur. Good information on technico-operational aspects. Good descriptions of the submarines involved-French, British, Italian, American and German.)


Laubeuf, Maxime et Stroh, Henri, Sous-marins. Tm:pilles et Min§. Paris: J.B. Bailli~re et fils, 1923. (A reference book on submarines, torpedoes and mines at the end of WWI. Largely historical and extensive views on WWI German submarines. A lengthy bibliography with U.S., British, Italian and German sources.)


Alaluquetas, Jacques, U-Boot Direction Centre Atlantigue – U-Boote Richtung Mittel Atlantik. Paris: LOKI, 1977. (Bilin-gual edition in French and German-200 photographs.)

L’Herminier, Capitaine de Vaisseau, Casabjanca. Paris: French Empire. (The story of the famous CASABlANCA, its escape from Toulon’s scuttle, its campaign for the reconquest of Corsica and the landing in Southern France.)

Millot, Bernard, V6pop~e Kamikaze. Paris: Robert Laffont, 1970. (A story of the Kaiten and others, a submarine version of the Kamikaze.)

Noli, Jean, Les Loups de I’Amiral. Paris: Fayard, 1970. (A story of German submarines in WWII.)

Pasquelot, Maurice, Les Sous-marins de Ia France Libre. Paris: Presses de Ia Cit~. 1981. (A story of the five really Free French submarines and their crews, namely NARVAL, RUBIS, MJNERVE, JUNON and SURCOUF, which left France in 1940. NARVAL was lost in 1940 in the Mediterranean Sea, SURCOUF in 1942 when crossing the Gulf of Mexico en route to the Pacific. RUBIS and the others fought a magnificent war.)


Giltsov, Lev, Mormoul, Nicola”i, Ossipenko, Leonid, .ld Dramatjgue Histoire des Sous-marins Nuclaires Sovigtigues. Paris: Robert Laffont, 1992. (Few technical and operational views. The main emphasis is on nuclear safety problems. Badly written in French, inaccurate technical vocabulary.)

[Editor’s Note: This volume also reported by Dick Boyle, who concurs that it is a bad translation. Dick noted that a chartlet showing the locations of dumping grounds for nuclear waste ashore on Novaya Zemlyn and in the Kara Sea is an important revelation.]

Houot, Commandant G., Vinet ans de Bathyscaphe. Paris: Famot, 1977. (The French Epopy of Bathyscaphs FNRS Dl, ArchimMe.)

Houot, G. et Willm, P., Le Bathyscaphe (} 4050m au fond de l’oc~n). Paris: Ed. de Paris, 1954.

Le Tallec, Jean, Les Sous-marins Francais 0945-1972). Paris: G.L. Vall~. 1992. (Characteristics and photographs with little text.)

Louzeau, Bernard (Amiral), Les Bateaux Noirs. Paris: Chourg noz, 1992. (A collection of nice photographs of recent French submarines with very little text.)


Mac Orlan, Pierre, U713 ou Les Gentilhommes d’infonune. Paris: Editions d’aujourd’hui, 1977. (U713 or the Mariners of Misfortune)

Merle, Robert, Le Jour ne se l~ve pas pour nous. Paris: Pion, 1986. (The sun does not rise for us.)

Verne, Jules, Vingt mille lieues sous les mers. Paris: J. Hetzel, (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea)


by Dick Boyle

Aichelburg, Wladimir, Die Unterseeboote Ostereich-Un~arns, 1 Band . Graz: Akademische Druck – U. Verlagsanstalt, 1981. In German

____,Die Unterseeboote Ostereich-Un~ams, 2 Band. Graz: Akademische Druck- U. Verlagsanstalt, 1982. In German.

Anonymous, “Aux Sous-Marins de Calais et de Brest, 1916-1918,” Neptunja, No. 79, Third Trimestre, 1965. In French

____ , FrAn Hajen 1904 Till  Hajen  1954.  Malmo:  Koc kums Mekaniska Verstads, 1954. In Swedish

____,I Sommer~:ibili Italiani.  Rome: Officio Storico Della Marin, 1962.  In Italian

____, Technikmuseum U-Boot Wilhelm Bauer. Bremerha-ven: Nordwestdeutsche Verlagsgesellschaft mBH, 1990. ISBN 3-927857-18-1 . In German

Bargoni, Franco, L’Impeg:no Navale Italiano durante La Guerra Civile Spagnola 0936-1939). Rome: Officio Storico Della Marina Militare, 1992. In Italian

Bukan, S.P., In the Wake of Submarine Catastrophjes. Moscow: Guild of Masters, “Rus”, 1992. ISBN 5-85182.001-2. In Russian. (Note: On page 62 of this book, an illustration shows a photograph of a hull section of Submarine K-129 (Type Golf II on the moon deck of the GLOMAR EXPLORER, which raised it in November 1974.)

Collective Authors, The Black Sea Fleet. Moscow: Military Publishing House, 1987. In Russian

Dimetriev, V.I., Soviet Submarine Vessels – ( Construction. Moscow: Military Publishing House, 1990. ISBN 5-203-00254-1. In Russian

Everth,  Hannes,  U-Fiotille Der  Deutchen  Marine.  Hereford: Koehlers Verlagsgesellschaft, 1988. ISBN 3-7822-03984. In German

Herzog,  Bodo,  Die deutschen  UBoote  1906-1945.   Miinchen: J .F . Lehmanns, 1959. In German

HOgel, Georg, Emleme Wappen Malings, deutsche U-Boote 1939-1945. Herford: Koehlers Velagsgesellschaft mbH, 1987. ISBN 3-7822-0407-7. In German

Huan, Claude, “Et~ 36, La Kriegsmarine Intervient en Espagne”, Historia, No. 475, July 1986, pp. 70-78. In French

_________________’ “1937: La Marine Allemande dans Ia Guerre D’Espagne – Un Atout Maitre pour Franco”, Historia, No. 487, July 1987, pp. 24-32. In French

_______________ La Collaboration entre L’ Allemagne et le Japon durant la seconde guerre mondiale”, Revjew Historigye Des Armt1es, No. 1, 1991, mars 1991, pp. 71-82. In French

______________  Ia marine sovi¢tigye en gyerre. I. Arctigue.  Paris: Economica, 1991.  ISBN 2-7178-1920-7. In French

_____________ “Le sous-marin et ses perspectives”, Marine et Technigue aux XIX’ siecle, Proceedings of an International Conference held 10, 11, 12 June 1987 at Ecole Militaire (Paris: Service historique de la Marine/lnstitut d’histoire des conflits contemporains, 1987), pp. 575-586. In French

______· Les Sops-Marins Francais 1920-1945. Bourg-en-Bresse: Bon de Commande Marines, 1994. In French

Jalhay, P.C., Nederlandse Onderzee<lienst 75jarr. Bussum: Der Boer Maritiem, 1982. ISBN 90-228-1864-0. In Dutch

Kohl, Fritz und Axel Niestle, Vom Original zum Modell: U-Boottyp IXC. Koblenz: Bernard & Graefe Verlag, 1990. ISBN 3-7637-6005-9. In German

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___________’La Bataille deL’ Atlantique (Two Volumes).  Paris: Laffont, 1975. In French

___________, L’ Affaire du Laconia. Paris: Laffont, 1988.  ISBN 2-221-03439-2X.  In French

Pesce, G.L., La Navigation Sous-Marine. Paris: Vuibenet Nony, 1906. In French

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____________U-Boottyp XXI.     Miinchen: Bernard  &   Graefe Verlag, 1980.  ISBN 3-7637-5223-4.  In German

____________ “Die Bauvorbereitungen fiir der Walter U-Boottyp XXVI 1944/45” Marine Rundshau Jg. 69, 1972, Heft 9, S. 529 bis 541. In German

Techel, H. , Der Bau von Unterseebooten auf der Gerroaniawerft. Berlin: Verlag des Vereiner deutscher lnginieure, 1922. In German

Trussov, G.M., Submarines of the Russian and Sovjet Fleets. Second Edition. Leningrad: Shipbuilding Publishing House, 1963, In Russian

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