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German U-Boat Construction
Kurzak, Karl Heinz Apr 1955
International Law & the Future of Sub. Warfare
Kerr, AlexA. Oct 1955
School of the Boat for Nautilus
Axene, Dean L. Nov 1955
Three Aces – Trumped
Macintyre, Donald Sep 1956
Isaac Pearl and His Submarine
Hilton, C. H. Nov 1956
Unlucky in June: Hiyo Meets Trigger
Beach, E. L. Mar 1957
Stalking the TAKAO in Singapore
Kittredge, G.  W. Apr 1957
Cruise of the American Unterseeboot 111
Daubin, F. A. Mar 1957
Submarine Rescue, Salvage and Buoyant Escape
Kittredge, G. W. Apr 1958
Italian Submarines and Their Bordeaux Base
Cocchia, A/do Jun 1958
Future of Nuclear Powered Submarines
Galantin, I. J. Jun 1958
For Whom the Polaris Submarine is Habitable
Levine, A. S. Oct 1959
Defense Against Nuclear-Powered Submarines
Weatherup, R. A. Dec 1959
Deep Battleground
Rush, C. W., Jr. Sep 1960
Japanese Submarine Tactics
Torisu &: Masataka Feb 1961
Last of the Midgets
Riley, J. F., EtAl Dec 1961
Kaiten- Japan’s Human Torpedoes
Yokota &: Harrington Jan 1962
Bring Back the Midgets
Compton-Hall, P. R. Aug 1962

Growing Role of the Submarine

Grenfell, E. W. Jan 1963
Submarine Rescue Operations (fexas Tower No.4)
Crabtree, A. B. Mar 1963
Thresher (SSN-593)
Grenfell, E. W. Mar 1963
British Submarine Operations in World War ll
Gilben, N.J. Mar 1963
Protection Against Underwater Attack
SchUIIUlcher, T. L. Aug 1963
Grouper (AGSS-214)
Bennett, M.!Alden, J. Mar 1964
Doctrine of Incremental Reduction
Holt, L. J. Jan 1965
U-Boats Off Our Coasts
Else, J. E., Jr. Nov 1965
ASW Measures
Nitze, P. H. Jan 1966
Proteus- Polaris Pioneer
McCarty, L. C. Jan 1966
French Submarine Force
Huan, Qaude Feb 1966
Cruise of the U-53
Long, Wellington Oct 1966
New International Law for Submarines?
Miller, W. 0 . Oct 1966
Radar and the U-Boat
O’Connell, J. A. Dec 1966
Master Mariner to Master Submariner?
Oliver, E. F. Apr 1967
U. S. Nuclear Powered Submarines
Beach, E. L . Aug 1967
Polaris Duty: Pinnacle or Predicament?
Howe, J.  T. Aug 1967
U-Boat with Wings
Layman, R. D. Apr 1968
Submarine Defense Insurance: National Insurance
McGrath, T. D. May 1968
Submarine Replenishment: An Unusual Unrep
Collins, F.  C., Jr. Aug 1968
Submarine School (Officers)
Synhorst, G. E. Oct 1968

  French Polaris Submarines

Geiger, G. J. Dec 1968
Navy Builds Catamaran Rescue Ship
Steinke, H. E. Jan 1969
Night Fight Off Oran
Sanders, Harry Jan 1969
Severyanka – Soviet Submarine for Scientific Research
Petrov, V. P. Aug 1969
USS Dolphin (AGSS-555), the Navy’s New Deep Diver
Undsay, E. E. Sep 1969
Escort-of-Convoy: Still the Only Way
Bowling, R. A. Dec 1969
Underway on Nuclear Power
Naymark, S. Apr 1970
Underwater to Freedom
Martin, M. W. Apr 1970
1960: A Vintage Year for Submariners
Boyle, R. Oct 1970
Escort of Convoy – Still the Only Way
Bowling, R. A. Dec 1970
Quiet Crisis in the Submarine Service
11uunm, T. B. Aug 1971
Soviet Submarine Threats – Past, Present & Future
Holme, T.  T., Jr. Aug 1971
Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile Threat
W’mnefold, J.A. EtA/ Sep 1971
The 0-5 Is Down!
Grigore, Juluis Jr. Feb 1972
Submarine Memorials
Hagerman, G. M. Mar 1972
Submarine Disasters in Peacetime
Somers, C. L. May 1972
New Roles for the Submarine
Cohen, P. Sep 1972
USS Porpoise and Ken Whiting
Van Deurs, George Sep 1972
ASW & the Modem Submarine
Wright, S. E., Jr. Apr 1973
Submarine Support Program, New Naval Reserve
Mom~o. LP. Aug1973
The Sultan’s Submarine
Collins, V. L. Oct 1974


Those Mysterious Midgets
Stewart, A. J. Dec 1974
The Nuclear Submarine: Riding High
Ruhe, W. J. Feb 1975
Nondum Paratus for Deep-Sea Disasters
Joseph, P. A. Feb 1975
Confederate Submarines
Hagerman, G. Oct 1977
Tomorrow’s Fleet
Alden, J.  C. Jan 1978
Run Deep? Yea. Run Silent? Nay.
Callahan, E. R. Jan 1978
Leadership and Nuclear Power
Chatom, R. E. Jul 1978
A New Split for the Department Head Tour
Cutler, T. J. Mar 1978
The Lampship Team
Hammond, R.; coauthor Tierney Mar 1978
Sea-based Strategic Weapons for the 80s & Beyond
Paolucci, D.,· coauthor N. Polmar May 1978
Naval Warfare Since 1945
Rowher, J. May 1978
Potential Soviet Responses to U.S. Sub Threat in 80s
Hull, A. W. Jul 1978
Attack Submarine Development – Recent Trends
and Projected Needs
Ozapmon, R. M. Aug 1978
Let’s Get Fair Play into ASW Freeplay
Marks, W. L. Aug 1978
Tomorrow•s Fleet
Alden, J.  D. Jan 1979
The Soviet Navy and Forward Development
Charbonneau, G. Mar 1979
Building the Tridents Home
Davis, J. Mar 1979
Surface Warships Against Submarines
Taylor, W. D. May 1979
SALT and the Navy
George, J. L. Jun 1979
Submarine Under Sail
Wildinson, H. D. Jun 1979


ASW’s Passive Trap
Lonsdale, P. T. Jul1979
Soviet Naval Policy in the Indian Ocean
Hickman, W. F. Aug 1979
Strategic Deterrence in the Age of Detente
Carlin, R. J. Sep 1979
To Build Trident
Burke, G. K. Oct 1979
PRC Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Development
Hahn, B. Oct 1979
The Role of the Submarine in Chinese Strategy
Pariseau, R. R. Oct 1979
Tomorrow’s Fleet
Alden, J. D. Jan 1980
Tactical Nuclear Weapons: The Forgotten Facet
of Naval Warfare
Brooks, L. F. Jan 1980
The U.S. Navy: Attack Submarines
Polmar, N. Jan 1980
Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles
Siuru, W. D., Jr. Jan 1980
The Twelve Days of the England
Lanier, W. D. Mar 1980
To Convoy or Not to Convoy
Mellin, W. F. Mar 1980
Missiles Make ASW a New Game
Ruhe, W. J. Mar 1980
The Origin of Polaris
Whitmore, W. F. Mar 1980
A Fantasy?
Outerson, W. Apr 1980
Mine Warfare: Promise Deferred
Smith, Robert H. Apr 1980
The Prevention of Preemptive Attack
Andrews, F. May 1980
The Rationale for Development of Soviet Sea Power
McGwire, M. May 1980
A Breach in the Ramparts
Abel, C. A. Jul 1980
The Wartime Role of Soviet SSBNs- Round Three
Bruins, B. D. Jul  980

 The Umpteenth Cuban Confrontation

Fenlon, L. K., Jr. Jul 19WJ
Cargo Submarines for Naval and Merchant Uses
Cohen, P. Aug 1980
Soviet Diesel Boats Forever
Brooks, T. A. Dec 1980
Solving the Submarine People Problem
Tollefson, M. R. Dec 1980
Does New U.S. Strategic Policy Mean an End to MAD?
Wachendoif, M. B. Dec 1980
Tomorrow’s Fleet
Alden, J. D. Jan 1981
SOS for SWS Officers
McComb, L.B. Jan 1981
Soviets Launch Typhoon – Worlds Largest Submarine
Toth, R. C. Jan 1981
Toward Smaller, Simpler Submarines
Jones, M. H. Jun 1981
Under the Ice in Submarines
McLaren, A. S. Jul 1981
Nuclear Submarines (Puzzle)
Roberts, R. Nov 1981
Are our Boomers Vulnerable?
Wit, J. S. Nov 1981
Communicating with the Silent Service
Carlin, R. J. Dec 1981
Tomorrow’s Fleet
Alden, J. D. Jan 1982
The Victim’s View of ASW
Byron, J. L. Apr 1982
Tomahawk: Implications of a Strategicrractical Mix
Hansen, R. P. Jun 1982
Attack Submarine: The Hidden Persuader
Van Saun, A. Jun 1982
The Navy’s Strategic Nuclear Role: Orphan or Legititimate
Green, W. C. Jul 1982
The Good, the Bad, and the Best
Patton, J. H., Jr. Jul 1982
Lessons of the Falklands Crisis
Costa, Sergio Sep 1982
Tomorrow’s Fleet
Alden, J.D. Jan 1983


China’s SSBN in Perspective
Muller, D. G., Jr. Mar 1983
Diesel Boats Forever? Mar 1983
Wilson, M.
Resurrection of the ELF
Beam, H. H. Apr 1983
Roll of Drums
Belke, T. J. Apr 1983
Dyad: Less is More
Jampoler, A. C. A. Apr 1983
The Sea-Denial Option for Smaller Navies
Menon, K. R. Mar 1983
U.S. Naval Operations in 1982
Wright, C. C. May 1983
How Silent the Silent Service?
Pariseau, R.R. Jul 1983
Needed: An Innovative Joint Naval Strategy
O’Connell, J. F. Aug 1983
Equal Opportuity SSBN
Peterson, R. S. Aug 1983
Sink the Navy!
Pease, C.C. Sep 1983
The Rasher’s Fifth
Ruhe, W. J. Sep 1983
Their Submarines Jan 1984
Brooks, T. A.
Sea Power: The Global Navy
Byron, J. L. Jan 1984
A Quiet Revolution Jan 1984
Clultham, R. E.
Strategic ASW: A Good Idea? Jan 1984
Tritten, J. J.
Tomorrow’s Fleet Feb 1984
Alden, J . D.
Canadian Senate Salvo Mar 1984
Hobson, S.
Pakistan’s Navy
Jacobs, K. Mar 1984
The Current Position of the Royal Navy
Stanford, P. Mar 1984
A Submerged Forward Defense
Toyka, V. Mar 1984


No Bastion for the Bear
Rivkin, D. B. Apr 1984
Lucky Thirteen
Su.frin,  M. Jun 1984
Submarine Tank Carrier Sep 1984
Abt, C.  C.
Program One: The Submarine Reserve
Nicholas, J. Oct 1984
The U.S. Navy and Nuclear ASW Weapons Dec 1984
Sokolsky, J. J.
Tomorrow’s Fleet
Alden, J.D. Jan 1985
Manning Nuclear Submarines
Satterthwaite, F. G. Feb 1985
The Renaissance of Surface to Surface Warfare
Shields, R. B. Feb 1985
The First Salvo Feb 1985
Zimm, A. D.
La Marine
Burgess, J. A. Mar 1985
The Royal Swedish Navy in Transition
Wedin, L. Mar 1985
No Bastions for the Bear: Round 2
Ackley, R. T. Apr 1985
The Resolution of Polaris
Galantin, I .  J. Apr 1985
The Soviet Navy in 1984 May 1985
Daniel, D. C.
Rebuilding Canada’s Navy
Harbron, J. D. Jun 1985
Red Light, White Light
Kobus, D. A. Aug 1985
The Rounds of an Ancient Mariner
Gordon,  J. B. Sep 1985
Basing ICBMs Underwater
Stehling, K. Dec 1985
Footprints in the Sand Jan 1986
La Vo, C.
The Soviet Navy; The Submarine Enigmas
Polmar, N. Jan 1986
Sweden’s Ghosts? Mar 1986
Ellis, M. G. M. W.


Soviet Subs in Scandanavia: 1930-1945
Suggs, R. C. Mar 1986
START & the Navy
George, J. L. Apr 1986
U.S. Naval Operations in 1985
Wright, C. C. May 1986
Tracking Soviet Submarines Under the Arctic Ice Pack
Lowery, S. E. Jun 1986
Nuclear Torpedoes
Ke”, D. M. Aug 1986
Improving the Vision of Periscope Operators Aug1986
ASW: Revolution or Evolution
Jackson, H. A. Sep 1986
I Was a Yank on a Japanese Sub
Paine, T.  0 . Sep 1986
Executing the Maritime Strategy
ONeill, W. D. Dec 1986
The SSN-Cruise Missile Problem
Sears, S. L. Dec 1986
The End of the Submarine Era
O’Rourke, G. G. Feb 1987
Mines: A New Lease on SSBN”s Lives?
Armbruster, F.E. , Jr. Jun 1987
Patches and Periscopes
Luria, S. M. Jul 1987
Fighting Subs Under the Ice Sep 1987
Atkeson, E.B.
Don’t Discount the Diesel
Conley, D. Oct 1987
The Undersea Time Warp
Gordon,  J. B. Oct 1987
Topfish: Tactics First
Hoeft, W. F. , Jr. Oct 1987
Team Hunting: It Can Work
Mueller, J. B. Oct 1987
Bringing Tactics to the Surface
Urban,  C. D. Oct 1987
The Right Stuff
Polmar, N. Nov 1987
Assault on the Battery
Blish, Nelson A. Oct 1988

Solving the Nuclear Submarine Junior
Officer Manning Problem

Konetznl, A. H., Jr. Feb 1989
NRF SSN(M) –  Why Not?
Blanton, Sankey Jan 1990
688 Attack Sub
Dile, N. E. Feb 1990
Submarine Vision in the Future Feb 1990
Rhea, John
The Haunted U-Boat
Compton-Hall, Riclwrd Mar 1990
Submarine Technology: the Foreign Navies: AlP is Coming
PoliTUlr, N. Mar 1990
The Barnstorming Days of Submarine Missiles
Bothwell, John H. Dec 1990
Down by Subs
Beach, Edward L. Apr 1991
Beyond Seawolf
Peppe, Kevin Apr 1991
The First Modem Soviet Submarine
PoliTUlr, N. &: Jurrien Noot Apr 1991
Submarines in the Ice
PoliTUlr, N. Aug 1991
SSBN Poseidon + Tomahawk =  SSGN
Schmidt, Wade H. Sep 1991
Soviet SSNs Shift Focus to ASW
Vego, Milan N. Oct 1991
Attack Submarines Should Attack! Attack! Attack!
Peppe, Kevin Dec 1991
Why Seawolf Now?
Holland, W. J., Jr. Dec 1991
Submarine Combat in the Ice
Lyon, Waldo Feb 1992
Submarine Warfare It’s A-Changing
Bacon, Roger Jun 1992
Submarine Maneuver Control
Gruner, William P. &: Henry E. Payne, Ill Ju/1992

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