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In the April 1998 issue of THE SUBMARINE REVIEW we presented an outline of the planning for the Submarine Centennial Anniversary in the year 2000. The first paragraph of that article has become the theme for this commemoration:

“Since 1900, our submarines have evolved from small submersibles with limited capability to proven warfighters in World War II to today’s nuclear powered, multi-mission warships. Nearly 100 years of technological innovation and flexible adaptation to changing strategic and defense needs have made today’s Submarine Force ready and able to respond decisively across the spectrum of conflict. The Submarine Force is poised to enter its second century of undersea dominance with the most highly trained people and advanced platforms in history.”

Personnel from all submarine organizations-Naval Submarine League, U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II and the United States Submarine Veterans Incorporated-are involved in this planning, designed to support active duty forces. Flagship events selected by the Submarine Force Commanders span the country and include:

  • Smithsonian Exhibit Opening – Feb 00
  • Washington, DC Birthday Ball – Apr 00
  • International Submarine Visits

    • SUBLANT – Jun 00 w/NSL Symposium
    • SUBPAC- May 00 w/RIMPAC 2000
  • San Diego Fleet Week Events – Aug 00
  • SSN 23 Christening in Groton – Dec 00

Our concept continues to be a year-long celebration with events across the country and at overseas locations with decentralized planning and execution (after all weren’t we bred for independent operations). Senator John Warner is seeking a Congressional Resolution honoring our celebration. Our communication points emphasize not only warfighting, submarine contributions in contingency operations and the Cold War, but also our immense contributions to nationally significant technology.

Plans for the Smithsonian American History Museum are proceeding under the leadership of John Shilling. John is actively in search of material for an interactive submarine display that will be appealing to young people, tell our story effectively to the American public, and highlight our Cold War submarine warfare contributions.

We have engaged a sculptor, Paul Wegner {Bill Wegner’s son), to design a memorial statue. Our focus is on submarine personnel engaged in activities pertinent to the various eras of submarine warfare. We’re currently considering a three-figure presentation of a lookout, officer on the periscope and a sonar operator. We’ve asked the Submarine Veterans of World War II to consider if they would like to sponsor a project to put a memorial window to lost submariners in the Navy Memorial in Washington DC in the heart of the Nations Capital.

The Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) has placed our request for a Submarine Commemorative Stamp in the under consideration category. This does not mean we’re approved for a stamp, but we’re a lot closer than we were six months ago. Support for House Concurrent Resolution 229 “expressing the sense of the Congress that a commemorative postage stamp should be issued honoring the United States Submarine Force on its 1OOth Anniversary” now has 125 cosponsors. We need 93 additional co-sponsors in the next two months to get the House to throw their full weight behind this resolution and are working to achieve that goal. We have Congressman Sam Gejdenson to thank for getting this started. Many of you have written to the CSAC and your Congressmen urging their support. If this gets approved, it’s because of your efforts.

We’re working to have a commercially produced five-hour television series during the year 2000 that will highlight our history and the future of the Submarine Force.

We’re interested in participating in the Rose Parade on 1 January 2000 in Pasadena, California and are looking for financial sponsorship to get this project rolling.

The listing of the centennial events and exhibits that are currently known is provided after this article. Please advise Al Burkhalter or Dave Cooper of problems with this list or events that should be included. It will take considerable resources to achieve these Centennial Submarine Force goals, and we’re putting the package together to inform submariners everywhere of the help needed. We welcome your support and ideas. It’ll be a fantastic celebration in 2000. Congratulations, submariners, you deserve it.


Date(s) Event Sponsor Location
01 Jan 00 Rose Bowl Parade CSP Pasadena, CA
01 Feb 00 Smithsonian Exhibit Opening N87 Washington, DC
01 Mar 00 SUBLANT Submarine
Birthday Ball
CSL Norfollc, VA
01 Mar 00 seafood Festival Pl Canaveral Pt Canaveral, FL
01 Apr 00 Washington Birthday Ball N87 Washington, DC
01 Apr 00 Submarine Stamp Unveiling N87 Washington, DC/Groton, CT
01 Apr 00 Dedication of Dctcrcncc Pk CSG9 Bangor, WA
01 Apr 00 Pearl Harbor Birthday Ball CSP Pearl Harbor, HI
01 Apr 00 SUBGRU 2 Submarine
Birthday Ball
CSG2 New London, CT
01 Apr 00 SUBGRU 10 Submarine
Birthday Ball
CSGIO Kings Bay, GA
01 Apr 00 USS THRESHER Memorial Ceremony CSL Norfolk, VA
01 Apr 00 Azalea Festival (NATO
CSL Norfolk, VA
01 Apr 00 Dedication of Granite Mcmorial Subvets,
New Suffolk, NY
10 Apr 00 USS THRESHER Memorial USSVI, Southern Tier
NY Base
Endicou, NY
11 Apr 00 Centennial Navy Base Sub vets
Great Lakes, IL
11 Apr 00 Subvcts National Convention Subvcts Inc. Atlantic City, NJ
01 May 00 SUBPAC loternational
Submarine Visit
CAP Pearl Harbor, HI
01 May 00 Fled Weck CSL Norfolk, VA
01 May 00 USS SCORPION Memorial
CSL Norfolk, VA
01 May 00 New York Fleet Week N87/CSL New York, NY
01 May 00 Beach Fest N87/CSL Pt Canaveral, FL
01 May 00 Tolling of Bells USS COBIA Subvctl, Inc. Great Lakes, IL
12 May 00 Maritime Museum Sub vela
Manitowoc, WI
13 May 99 USS PASADENA Salute,
Ritz Carlton
css 11 Pasadena, CA
01 Jun 00 SUBLANT International
Submarine Visit
CSUNSL NSL Symposium
01 Jun 00 N. Central Region Subvets
Sub vets
01 Sep 00 Naval Institute Annual Symposium N87/CSL Norfolk, VA
01 Aug 00 San Dkgo Fleet Week CSP San Diego, CA
01 Oct 00 Pittsburgh Fled Weck CSG2 Pittsburgh, PA
01 Oct 00 Broward Navy Days CSL Ft. Lauderdale,
01 Oct 00 Anny/Navy Game N87 Maryland???
01 Nov 00 Cold War Submarine Mcmorial Dedication-Patriot’s
CSG 10 Charleston, SC
01 Dec 00 SSN 23 Christening N87/CSL Groton, CT

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