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Fundraising packages have been mailed to the entire NSL membership and corporate benefactors. We need your ideas for people or businesses that may have been overlooked in our initial mailing. This list is a work-in-progress, do not be shy about suggesting donors or sponsors.

Pledges and Contributions. To date we have received pledges of about $1,600,000 in corporate donations with initial contributions of over $500,000 from Lockheed Martin Corporation, General Dynamics, McDermott/BWX Technologies and Newport News Shipbuilding. These contributions have allowed us to sustain our momentum on several key programs. However, our total budget is $4.4 million dollars.

Fundraising Success Story. The individual response from the NSL membership is heartwarming. Of the first 300 responses, over 90 percent were for $100 or more. It has been a push to keep up with the mailing of donor gifts to recognize your generosity.

Recognition to General Dynamics as the first Corporation to make a donation and to Lockheed Martin Corporation for their most generous pledge which has not been equaled !!! (Yet)

Centennial Event. The list continues to grow as we learn about new planned events around the country. Let us know if your event did not make the list.

Active Duty Forces are working on a variety of events for the Centennial year. They also are pursuing a Centennial jack to be displayed on all inport submarines.

Smithsonian Exhibit. Our efforts to place a display in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History are moving ahead full! The Museum continues to be enthusiastic. John Shilling has arranged to get the attack center, berthing spaces, mess hall, sonar room, and maneuvering room (declassified) from TREPANG and SAND LANCE. The Smithsonian is proposing to run the Exhibition for three years.

Submarine Monument. Work continues on the Submarine Memorial and we will see a clay maquette very soon. There are several good possibilities for locating the statue that we are pursuing. We have changed the Memorial from the three figures to a submarine rising from the deep. This change halves the cost of the bronze work to about $150,000. We are still working on the final design and cost of the base.

Submarine Stamp remains an open issue. We believe there is a strong likelihood that we will have more than one submarine- related stamp issued in the year 2000. Representative Gejdenson’s H.R. 229 that calls for a submarine stamp has 158 signatures and his staff expects to re-issue the resolution in the new Congress. The California State Legislature and a chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution are also sponsoring similar resolutions.

Pasadena Rose Parade. We have written and talked to personnel organizing the Rose Parade for the year 2000. We are pleased to announce that the 101 member U.S. Navy Band of Washington, DC augmented by side-marching submariners (possibly from USS PASADENA) and a Submarine Centennial banner will be in the parade.

USNA. The USNA Dolphin Club has gotten approval to sponsor one of the Academy’s ocean racers for 1999. The Capital Chapter of the Submarine League is working with them to decorate the sail set with the Centennial logo.

Dolphin Scholarship Foundation is naming a year 2000 scholarship recipient as a Submarine Centennial scholar and naming other scholarships for our principal Centennial donors.

Submarine Centennial Cruise around the Caribbean is being organized for January 2000. See the advertisement in this issue of the Submarine Review.

Publicity Campaign. Commander James Taylor is the PAO Reservist on active duty to man the Centennial Liaison Office. He is currently developing a Media Support Kit that will be available
to interested parties.

It continues to be a successful and prosperous year. We have laid the foundation for a meaningful commemoration and look forward to a more successful 1999. Your ideas and comments are needed and gratefully appreciated.

Email Address and Phone Numbers. We can be reached by email at or by phone at 703-256-0891.


Date(s) Event Sponsor Location
23 Oct 99 USS O’KANE (DDG 71)
Pearl Harbor, HI
01 Jan 00 Rose Bowl Parade CSP Pasadena, CA
16-23 Jan 00 Submarine Centennial Cruise NSL Carribean
01 Feb 00 Smithsonian Exhibit Opening N87/NSL Washington, DC
01 Mar 00 SUBLANT Submarine Birthday Ball CSL Norfolk, VA
01 Mar 00 Seafood Festival Pl Canaveral Pl Canaveral, FL
TBD Apr 00 Wuhin1ton Birthday Ball N87 Washington, DC
TBD Apr 00 Submarine Stamp Unveiling N87 Washington, DC Groton, CT
01 Apr 00 Dedication of Deterence Pk CSG9 Bangor, WA
01 Apr 00 Tolling of Boals USSVl/SV WWllSD Chap. San Diego, CA
01 Apr 00 Submarine Exhibit Opening Intrepid Museum New York, NY
TBD Apr 00 Pearl Harbor Birthday Ball CSP Pearl Harbor, HI
TBD Apr 00 SUBGRU 2 Submarine Birthday Ball CSG2 New London, CT
TBD Apr 00 SUBGRU 9 Submarine Birthday Ball CSG9 Bangor, WA
TBD Apr 00 CSS 11 Submarine Birthday Ball css 11 San Diego, CA
TBD Apr 00 SUBGRU 7 Submarine Birthday Ball CSG7 Yokosuka, Japan
TBD Apr 00 SUBGRU 10 Submarine Birthday Ball CSG 10 Kings Bay, GA
TBD Apr 00 USNA Submarine Birthday Ball USNA Annapolis, MD
TBD Apr 00 USS THRESHER Memorial Ceremony CSL Norfolk, VA
TBD Apr 00 Azalea Festival (NATO Event) CSL Norfolk, VA
01 Apr 00 Dedication of Granite Memorial Subvcts, Inc./- Subvcts WWII New Suffolk, NY
01 Apr 00 Blessing of the Fleet Navy Memorial Washington, DC
10 Apr 00 USS THRESHER Memorial Service USSVI, Southern Tier NY Base Endicott, NY
14 Apr 00 Centennial Navy Base Great Lakes Com Great Lakes, IL
15 Apr 00 Vallejo Submarine Birthday Ball Vallejo, CA
01 May 00 SUBPAC International Submarine Visit CSP Pearl Harbor, HI
01 May 00 USS SCORPION Memorial Ceremony CSL Norfolk, VA
01 May 00 Beach Fest CSL Pt Canaveral, FL
3-6 May 00 North Central Region Subvets WWII Subvcts, WWII Minnesota
13 May 00 Maritime Museum Subvets WWII Manitowoc, WI
13 May 99 USS PASADENA Salute, Ritz Carlton css 11 Pasadena, CA
29 May 00 Cross and Flag Memorial Day Service City of Fullerton Fullerton, CA
31 May 00 THRESHER/SCORPION Memorial Dedication USSVI/SV WWII LA Chap. NWSF Seal Beach, CA
01 Jun 00 SUBLANT International Submarine Visit CSL/NSL NSL Symposium
1-2 Jun 00 NSL Annual Symposium NSL Alexandria, VA
2-9 Jul 00 New York International Navy Review CSG2 New York
01 Aug 00 San Diego Fleet Week CSP/CSS-11 San Diego, CA
01 Sep 00 Naval Institute Annual Symposium N87/CSL Norfolk, VA
01 Oct 00 Pittsburgh Fleet Week CSG2 Pittsburgh, PA
01 Oct 00 Broward Navy Days CSL Ft. Lauderdale, FL
OS Oct 00 SSP 45th Anniversary SSPO Washington, DC
16-20 Oct 00 Subvcts National Convention USSVI Atlantic City, NJ
11 Nov 00 Veteran’s Day Parade Sub vets WWII Long Beach, CA
15th Nov 00 Cold War Submarine Memorial Dedication-Patriot’s Point CSG 10 Charleston, SC
02 Dec 00 Army/Navy Football N87 Maryland???
07 Dec 00 Tolling of Bells Subvcts WWII USNA

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