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The Naval Submarine League (NSL) Outstanding Achievement Award is an annual award intended to promote the Navy’s nuclear submarine community within the NROTC units. The award recognizes midshipmen and officer candidates with proven academic and leadership skills who have been selected for entry into the Navy’s nuclear propulsion program as submarine officers. The award consists of a certificate, a letter of presentation, a one-year honorary membership in the NSL, and recipient acknowledgment in THE SUBMARINE REVIEW.

(1) Eligibility criteria. The student must:
(a) Be a scholarship senior or a member of the enlisted Commissioning Program (ECP) and a selected nuclear submariner
(b) Demonstrate superior academic aptitude
(c) Exhibit a strong desire to pursue a career in submarine warfare
(d) Demonstrate balanced qualities and aptitude for accession as a naval officer
(e) Be a role model to inspire others to strive for nuclear submarine program selection.

The award is titled the



Outstanding Achievement

It is named in honor of Rear Admiral Warder, a standout among the many World War II submarine heroes. He was dubbed “Fearless Freddie” by his own crew in SEA WOLF, out of respect and admiration, and as a byproduct of a particularly aggressive and innovative war patrol in the Western Pacific.

  • Commanded SEAWOLF on 7 War Patrols
  • Credited with sinking 8 Japanese ships (38,900 tons)
  • Chosen to command second U.S. wolf Pack” which consisted of SNOOK, PARGO, and HARDER
  • Commanded the Naval Submarine School Served as Commander of Submarine Forces Atlantic
  • As a mid-grade officer, stood toe-to-toe” with seniors to successfully defend a crew member wrongfully accused.
  • Described by Clay Blair as Courageous Prepossessing Salty Tongued A fighter who was worshiped by his crew One of the best of the Skippers who were fine, aggressive leaders.


This year, awards were given to forty NROTC Midshipmen and Officer Candidates. The names of the recipients and their respective colleges and universities are listed at the end of the article. Here are a few samples of the thank you letters we have received this year.

” … I want to thank you for the Frederick B. Warder Award for Outstanding Achievement. I am honored to have been selected as a recipient. Please extend my thanks to Commander George Fraser for taking time to make the presentation … ” Midshipmen I/C

” … It is with sincere thanks and appreciation that I sit down to write you this thank-you note. On behalf of myself and the Navy ROTC, I want to thank you for bestowing the award upon me, as well as sending a representative to give me the award personally. With sincere thanks … ” Midshipman 1/C

” … I’d like to thank you for helping to make this year’s President’s Review a success. Your personal participation and the Naval Submarine League’s continued commitment to the young men and women of our NROTC unit speaks highly of the dedication that’s vital to the survival and growth of programs like ours. Rest assured, your gracious and unfailing support is greatly appreciated… We look forward to working with you again next year. In the meantime, please let all the members of your organization know how much their support means to all of us … ”
CAPT, USN, Commanding Officer

” … We are grateful for your contribution to our annual Awards Day Ceremony. Captain Earl L. Dewispelaere, USN(Ret.) presented the award on your organization’s behalf. The ceremony would not have been possible without the dedicated support of organizations like yours. The Midshipmen, Officer Candidates … wish to thank you for recognizing their efforts and achievements over the past year … ” CAPT, USN, Commanding Officer.

” … Thank you for the NSL Outstanding Achievement Award for our Awards Ceremony on 22 April 1999. I presented the award on your behalf … Your support and interest in recognizing Midshipmen who perform in a superior manner are greatly appreciated … ” CAPT, USN, Commanding Officer.

School Awardee
University of Arizona Midn l/c Andrew E. Liston
Auburn University O/C Lashun Booth
Boston University Midn l /c David W. Guirguess
Carnegie Mellon University Midn l /c William R. Towcimak
Cornell University Midn l /c Andrew C. Omeara
Duke University Midn l/c Howard M. Goldstein
George Institute of Technology Midn 1/c Andrew B. Platten
(Hampton University) Old Dominion University O/C Dmitry Poisik
University of Idaho O/C Jesse G. Hill
University of Illinois Midn 1/c Mark C . Craven
Iowa State University Midn 1/c Jake T. Wadsley
Jacksonville University O/C Scott M. Cullen
Marquette University Midn l/c Eric D. Neider
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Midn I/c Roger S. Cortesi
University of Michigan Midn l/c Jed D. Christiansen
University of Missouri Midn 1/c Samuel E. Young
Morehouse College Midn 1 /c Leon M. Williams
University of New Mexico O/C Mackenzie J. Carter
North Carolina State University Midn 1/c Kevin R. Creasman
North Carolina Midn 1/c Joel D. Sgro
Northwestern University Midn 1/c Chad M. Eslinger
University of Notre Dame Midn 1/c Nicholas A. Pettite
The Ohio State University Midn lie Matthew Keiser
University of Oklahoma Midn 1/c James E. Mahoney
Oregon State University OIC Michael K. Darby
University of Pennsylvania Midn 1/c Nathan N. Sharbaugh
The Pennsylvania State University Midn l/c Kenneth P . Delage
Purdue University Midn lie Timothy M . O’Kane
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Midn l/c Matthew J. Di Geronimo
Rice University Midn l/C David Weirich
University of South Carolina Midn lie Scott D. Milner
University of Texas O/C Patrick Neise
Texas A&M University O/C John S. Adkisson
The Tulane University of Louisiana Midn 1/c Leslie A. Martin
Vanderbilt University Midn lie Charles A. Dreas
University of Virginia Midn lie Robert K. Oswald
Virginia Military Institute Midn 1/c Benjamin A. Chang
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Midn 1/c Joshua B. King
University of Washington O/C Allen Rutledge
University of Wisconsin Midn 1/c Cal R. Abel


THE SUBMARINE REVIEW is a quarterly publication of the Naval Submarine League. It is a forum for discussion of submarine matters. Not only are the ideas of its members to be reflected in the REVIEW, but those of others as well, who are interested in submarines and submarine.

Articles for this publication will be accepted on any subject closely related to submarine matters. Their length should be a maximum of about 2500 words. The League prepares REVIEW copy for publication using Word Perfect. If possible to do so, accompaning a submission with a 3.S diskette is of significant assistance in that process. The content of articles is of first impor-tance in their selection for the REVIEW. Editing of articles for clarity may be necessary, since important ideas should be readily understood by the readers of the REVIEW.

A stipend of up to $200.00 will be paid for each major article published. Annually, three articles arc selected for special recognition and an honorarium of up to $400.00 will be awarded to the authors. Articles accepted for publication in the REVIEW become the property of the Naval Submarine League. The views expressed by the authors are their own and are not to be construed to be those of the Naval Submarine Leape. In those instances where the NSL has laken and published an official position or view, specific reference to that fact will accompany the article.

Comments on articles and brief discussion items are welcomed to make THE SUBMARINE REVIEW a dynamic reflection of the League’s interest in submarines. The SUCCESS of this magazine is up to those persons who have such a dedicated interest in submarines that they want to keep alive the submarine past, help with present submarine problems and be influential in guiding the future of submarines in the U.S. Navy.

Articles should be submitted to the Editor, SUBMARINE REVIEW, P.O. Box 1146, Annandale, VA 22003.

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