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Submarine Centennial

100 Years – From the Depths – SEAPOWER!

Events: The following are the six Flagship events plus several highlighted ones. For a complete list of Centennial events see the centennial website at Click the large Submarine Centennial button on the top left portion of the page.

  1. Submarine Stamp First Day Issuance. On 13 October 1999 the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) announced that a series of five submarine stamps would be issued to commemorate our Submarine Force. In a philatelic first, USPS also announced that a free prestige booklet detailing the history of U.S. submarines would accompany the stamps. The Navy is finalizing first day issuance plans, but expects the major issuance to be in Groton in April with additional issuance events planned at later dates at other submarine bases and in Washington, DC.
  2. Washington Submarine Force Centennial Birthday Ball. The major Submarine Ball will occur on Saturday 1 April 2000 at the Gateway Marriott. This will be a night to remember. Other Submarine Birthday Balls will be conducted throughout the country. For a listing, consult the detailed Schedule of Events on the Centennial web page.
  3. Smithsonian Exhibit Opening. Fast Attacks and Boomers: Submarines in the Cold War exhibit will open 12 April 2000 at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. The exhibit will contain portions of the control room, sonar room and maneuvering room taken from two SSNs and an SSBN as well as a great number of other artifacts. The display will also include a large amount of material devoted to Cold War history with emphasis on how various types of submarine missions aided U.S. military preparedness. The exhibit will explain the value of submarine intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance by showing some video, still photography and acoustic recordings taken during Cold War missions.
  4. SUBLANT International Submarine Visit. Planning is underway. A number of nations will be invited to participate in festivities planned for Norfolk in mid-June.
  5. SUBPAC International Submarine visit. Tied into the traditional RIMPAC exercises, a number of submarines from allied nations are expected to participate in festivities planned from May-July 2000.
  6. San Diego Fleet Week. Will run from Friday, 13 October to Sunday, 22 October. Planning has started with expected highlights including a new exhibit at the San Diego Maritime Museum, a SUBRON 11 reception, and visits by SSNs, USS DOLPHIN and DSRVs.
  7. Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum. A new exhibit will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Submarine Force. U.S. Navy Submarines: Century Beneath the Sea will examine the contributions of the submarine service in time of peace and war and will focus on the important role played by the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in this story. Mare Island closed in 1996 after 92 years of service to the Submarine Force including construction of 43 submarines and five submarine tenders. The Museum exhibit will feature models, rare photographs, documents, and other artifacts relating to submarine history. The exhibit is scheduled to open on January 22 and continue through September 2, 2000. The Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum is located at 734 Main Street, Vallejo, CA. Call (707) 643-0077 for additional information.
  8. Deterrent Puck. A new permanent memorial is taking shape in Bangor, Washington. The memorial, located adjacent to COMSUBGRU 9 Headquarters, commemorates the 41 for Freedom submarines that helped win the Cold War. The centerpiece of the park will be a full-length replica of a Lafayette class submarine, including the actual sail and rudder of the ex-USS WOODROW WILSON. The missile deck will be fabricated of gray bricks and donors can put a personal brick in the site.
  9. Wisconsin Maritime Museum. Many activities planned for the Submarine Centennial in 2000. The museum features USS COBIA (SS 245). In April a 2000 sq.ft. special interactive exhibit on the history of submarines will open. In April-July the crew quarters of COBIA will be restored and in May a memorial stone will be dedicated by submariners in thanks to the people who built 28 submarines in Manitowoc during WWII. August is scheduled to feature a COBIA crew reunion and tentative plans include starting the #1 engine after 45 years! Additional information may be obtained at (920) 684-0218 or by e-mail at The museum is located at 75 Maritime Drive in Manitowoc, WI
  10. Submarine Force Library nod Museum. The expansion of the library and museum continues. The grand opening of the expanded facility will be on 28 April. This coincides with the date of the Groton area Submarine Birthday Ball.
  11. USS COD (SS 224). In Cleveland the historic submarine will mark the Centennial of the U.S. Navy Submarine Service with the unveiling of a memorial tablet on the dock next to COD on Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland. A flag illumination program will also be featured. The 18×22 inch bronze tablet officially dedicates COD to the more than 3900 men who gave their lives in defense of our freedom while serving in the Silent Service. The tablet will be mounted below a 2800 pound fleet submarine propeller and the unveiling ceremony is scheduled for April 11, 2000. A COD crew reunion will also be held and crewmen are invited to contact the boat at (216) 931-9392 or at the website
  12. Albacore Park. Located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the park includes the land borne USS ALBACORE (AGSS 569), a memorial garden dedicated to all naval and civilian personnel who have perished while serving aboard United States submarines and a small museum. A larger museum is under construction. Albacore Park will host an event focusing on the presentation of the ASME award of Historical Mechanical Engineering Landmarks to ALBACORE and a special Memorial Day ceremony. The first event will occur on Saturday 13 May 2000 and will feature presentations by Captain Harry Jackson, USN(Ret.) and Vice Admiral John Boyes, USN(Ret.). The Memorial Day ceremony will be held on Monday, 29 May 2000 and will be jointly conducted by the Park, the SQUALUS Chapter of U.S. Submarine Veterans of WWII, the THRESHER Base of U.S. Submarine Veterans, Inc., the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the American Legion.
  13. Cold War Submarine Memorial. Charleston, South Carolina will dedicate the memorial on 15 November 2000 as part of our Centennial celebration. The memorial will be in the form of a full size SSBN using the sail, fairwater planes and rudder of USS LEWIS AND CLARK (SSBN 644). The submarine will be oriented to appear to be headed to sea from Charleston Harbor and will be in a landscaped park setting. The day of dedication marks the 40th anniversary of USS GEORGE W ASHINGTON’s first patrol from Charleston.

All Submarine League members are strongly encouraged to get out and visit and support these Centennial activities.

Centennial Jacks have been procured and distributed to all submarine units to be flown throughout the Centennial year. Private citizens, companies, and Navy personnel can order personal copies of the jack. Orders must be submitted by 1 February 2000 with delivery expected in mid-April.

The jacks come in three sizes and prices include packaging and postage:

Small (22-9/16*x31-15/16*) $55 US
Med. (32-1/3*x45-3/8*) $72 US
Large (126*x180*) $339 US
Checks should be payable to MWR Hong Kong Office and submitted to:

Ms. Tracy Tsang, MWR Coordinator
Ship Support Office, Hong Kong
PSC 464, Box 20
FPO AP 96522-2200
E-mail:; phone (852) 2802-9379; fax (852) 2511-3106. Hong Kong is 12 hours ahead of the East Coast.

In addition to the Centennial events, a bronze memorial statue by Paul Wegner of an SSN breaching the surface during an emergency blow will be placed at the U.S. Naval Academy during the early fall of the Centennial year.

A stained glass bronze memorial window rendering by the sculptor Leo Irerra will be installed at the Navy Memorial in Washington. It will honor the submarines and men who have given their lives in defense of their country.

A Submarine Centennial trifold with handouts, bumper stickers and other memorabilia items is under production and will be provided to all submarine-related commands. Additional sets will be procured by the National Commemorative Committee and given to requesting groups and activities.

How You Can Help

Active Duty. Many regional and local events will need volunteer assistance. Contact the organization listed as POC on the Centennial website for more information.

Reserves. Reserve officers and enlisted personnel desiring to conduct AT in support of Centennial planning and execution (including maintenance of Navy equipment at the Smithsonian) contact CDR Jim Anderson at or your TYCOM PAOs.

Interested Civilians/Retirees. The National Commemorative Committee is composed of members of the Naval Submarine League, the Submarine Veterans of World War II and Submarine Veterans, Inc. They are charged with fundraising and running a number of major centennial projects and events including the Smithsonian exhibit and the Submarine Memorial in Annapolis. For information on how you can assist financially or with your time, contact CAPT Dave Cooper, USN(Ret.) at subcentnel@aol.-com

Namesake Cities and States. Both active duty and those living in namesake cities/states can help here. Many submarines have a special relationship built with their namesake cities and states. We recommend that submariners deepen or renew these ties during the Centennial year. Civilians interested in getting involved can contact NSL at to be put in touch with community namesake POCs.

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