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USS TOPEKA celebrated New Year’s of the millennium on the Equator at the International Dateline. Since tradition allows a loose deck log entry on this occasion, here is this vessel’s log entry as the world entered the year 2000.

Here’s co remembrance on this New Year’s Day
And here’s to the sailors that showed us the way
Here’s to old timers on decks made of wood
They forged our traditions the best that they could.

Here’s to the diesel boats that snorkeled at night
They proved that America was ready to fight
Here’s to past shipmates wherever they are
May we never forget them regardless how far.

We still sound a klaxon as loud as can be
Each time that we dive deep into the sea
We’re here all wearing dolphins, except for a few,
A new century is here, goodbye to the past.

We’re the first to have seen it, and we’ll be the last
Such is life on our ship that we call a boat
We’re not like the others, we don’t always float!

If you’ve never worn dolphins, you probably missed out
My shipmates are brothers, I haven’t a doubt
So stay on the shore where it’s safer you see
And leave this hard life for my brothers and me.

Wherever there’s trouble in some distant land
You can bet that TOPEKA will be close at hand
The reactor is critical, our torpedoes are ready
The helmsman’s on course and keeping it steady.

Today we can celebrate on this New Year’s Day
But tomorrow may find us turning into harm’s way
So here’s to the crew both present and past
That keep these subs going and getting there fast!
Here’s to the good times, there’s always too few
Here’s to us all that wear Navy Blue
Happy New Year’s!!!
ETI Keightley sends.


The following members were inadvertently omitted from the NSL Directory 2000:

James W. Barker, Jr. 1515 Jefferson Davis Highway #923 Arlington, VA 22202 James M. Kenney CAPT, USNR 5 Parkhurst Drive Lakeville, MA 02347-2447
Daniel P. Donovan 200 South Middle Neck Road #B2 Great Neck, NY 11021 Milton James Loy 11 CW04, USNR-R 13249 Waltham Avenue Poway, CA 92064
John J. Hummer CAPT, USN(Ret.) 2289 E. Crestmont Lane Littleton, CO 80126-4205 Stanley A. Peterson 115 Clark Hill Road East Haddam, CT 06423
C.J. Ihrig CAPT, USN(Ret.) 8236 The Midway Annandale, VA 22003 Michael Watson CAPT, USNR 13 Somersett Drive Pawcatuck, CT 06379 m _

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