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The USS Rasher Association consists of a union of former crew members who served in USS RASHER (SS/SSR/-AGSS 269); the surviving family members of crew who have departed on Eternal Patrol, and those persons interested in RASHER and submarining.

Our creed is to perpetuate the memory of those submarines and boats lost through the years; to sustain the legacy of USS RASHER; to further the cause of submarining; to associate in good fellowship to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow submarine sailors, and in particular. those who had the pleasure to serve aboard RASHER, the First Among Equals; and to speak no ill of any of our mates.

Initiated by those who served aboard RASHER (SS 269) in WWII, the association has expanded to include the crews of the subsequent SSR and AGSS boats. Contact is maintained within the group via the contribution dependent quarterly newsletter, Through the Scope, and boat reunions.

Reunions have been held on an irregular basis since the first one in Chicago in 1968, which drew 45 former WWII crew members. These attendees represented the 255 men who served in RASHER from her commissioning to the end of WWII. The 10th reunion held in 1985, in Hampton, Virginia, drew 20 attendees, and it was decided at this reunion, because of declining membership, to invite the post WWII crews to be part of the group.

The 12111 reunion, held in Manitowoc, Wisconsin in 1993, drew 28 total former crew, 19 of whom were WWII Rashermen, while the remaining 9 were from the SSR boat. The reunion held in October 1998 in Branson, Missouri, the first hosted by a non-WWII crewman, drew 15 WWII crew, 15 post WWII crew, and 28 wives, relatives, and friends of RASHER.

Projects ongoing within the organization to fulfill the tenants of our creed include:

  • Increasing membership by identifying, locating and contacting former crew. surviving members of departed crew, and those persons having an interest in RASHER;
  • Identifying, locating, and securing RASHER artifacts and memorabilia for eventual placement in a museum setting for preservation and the enjoyment and education of all;
  • Maintaining contact with preserved RASHER artifacts including her periscopes, sail and conning tower; her battle flag, and her bell;
  • Spreading the world of RASHER and her exploits that others may likewise be aware of the contribution she has made.

If these ideals are in line with your feelings about RASHER and submarining, then we would very much appreciate your association with us. Hopefully you will also encourage others who fall within our membership description to join us.

Please contact Dick Traser, 913 N. Sierra View Street, Ridge-crest, California 93555-3013; (760) 446-4659; e-mail:; hunl: -straser/thru-scopeOOl .htm.


CAPT James W. Doc Blanchard, Jr., USN(Ret.)
EMCM(SS) Christopher F. Guckert, Jr., USN(R-et.)
Mr. Ted N. Swain
CDR Herbert Tibbetts, USN(Ret.)

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