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A Continuing Series

In 1961 when Vice Admiral Grenfell served as Commander Submarine Force U.S. Atlantic Fleet, his wife, Martha, along with several other submarine wives, started the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation. Mrs. Grenfell was the First DSF President and I am the 161h. Who were all the others? What do they remember about their DSF Presidency.

The staff and I have had the great pleasure during the past year of meeting with most of these wonderful ladies either individually or at an April 2000 conference my husband hosted for all former COMSUBLANTs and their wives. The conference provided the former presidents an opportunity to be reunited and to tour the DSF office in Virginia Beach where they were briefed by each staff member. We also provided information on current DSF issues, the scholarship selection process, our financial structure, ongoing projects and future goals. During lunch we enjoyed hearing each of them reminisce about their individual experiences and challenges while they served as DSF President. This is what we heard.

They loved serving as President of DSF. The job was time consuming, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding. For years everything related to DSF was done in the Admiral’s home with only the president and one volunteer initially doing all the correspondence and finances. The people they met and the children they helped made all the efforts worthwhile. In 1987 the Admiral moved from West Virginia House on Dillingham Boulevard next door to Delaware House and so did the DSF. From 1987-1998 the DSF staff worked in two small rooms above the kitchen in Delaware House five days a week, walking through the kitchen or dining room to reach the small offices. In 1990 the staff expanded from only a secretary to also include a bookkeeper. In 1997 the position of special projects officer was added. In September 1998 the office moved to the current Virginia Beach location after an extensive search by the staff. In 2001 two additional positions were added: a financial assistant and a philanthropic/corporate/foundation/fundraiser.

The former presidents are all extremely proud of DSF today, especially with how professionalized and organized the foundation has become. They appreciate being kept up-to-date and enjoy hearing how hard the people within the Submarine Force continue to work to raise money for the scholarship. Mrs. Grenfell, a dynamo of a woman, told us that Admiral Nimitz advised her to make sure DSF was a foundation … and she did!

In closing, here is a list of all former Presidents. If you ever meet one of these ladies, please tell them who you are and thank them for all they did and continue to do for DSF.

Mrs. Grenfell ( 1960-64); Mrs. Lowrance ( 1964-1966) deceased; Mrs. Schade (1966-1970); Mrs. Wilkinson (1970-1972) deceased; Mrs. Long (1972-1974); Mrs. Williams (1974-1977); Mrs. Carr (1977-1980); Mrs. White (1980-83); Mrs. Kauderer (1983-1986); Mrs. Cooper (1986-88); Mrs. Bacon (1988-90) deceased; Mrs. Chiles (1990-93); Mrs. Emery (1993-96); Mrs. Mies (1996-98); Mrs. Giambastiani (1998-2000).

In the next issue, I will be highlighting the DSF staff, Board of Directors, and the Distinguished Advisory Board. Who are they/What do they do?

Thank you all for continued support.

Dolphin Scholarship Foundation

5040 Virginia. Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
(757) 671-3200
FAX (757) 671-3330


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