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A Continuing Series

When my husband became COMSUBLANT, I was thrown into a job and a role that was a bit mysterious. DSF and I go way back-behind the scenes volunteer, cookbook and calendar salesperson, boat representative, even an auction chairman. However, being the President of DSF is a completely different challenge. I feel a huge responsibility as the President. Many of the former Presidents were my mentors-Sara Long, Mickie Kauderer, Betty Cooper, Joan Bacon, Katy Chiles and Pat Emery. I have great respect for the many, many dedicated people associated with this tremendously wonderful foundation past and present. Our Navy is so fortunate that the DSF is able to provide scholarships to 132 children of the Submarine Force. Today, there are hundreds behind-the-scenes people who do so much for DSF. I thank you. Keep up the hard work.

All of us at the Foundation office, our Board of Directors and our Distinguished Advisors, continue to strive for excellence in the decisions we make regarding DSF. In this article, I would like to highlight five people who work behind-the-scenes everyday to ensure the Foundation runs smoothly. They are bright, articulate, talented, hard working and completely devoted to DSF.

DSF Office Staff

Dianne Moore -Director of Finances and Operations/Assistant Treasurer to the Board of Directors

Dianne has worked for DSF since February 1994. She previously worked for USPA/IRA. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a minor in Business. Dianne is married to Lieutenant Commander Tom Moore, USN, stationed on USS ALBANY.
She manages the office, has day-to-day contact with our directors, legal counsel and financial advisors when necessary. She works under the guidance of the Foundation Treasurer and oversees all financial and business operations of the DSF. She is also my trusted assistant. I rely on Dianne’s good advice, knowledge and expertise every day.

Tomi Roeske -Scholarship Administrator

Tomi graduated from the University of Georgia with a BA in Spanish. Tomi has worked for DSF since March 1991. She and Dianne are my walking encyclopedias regarding the history and workings of the Foundation. Tomi’s husband, Captain Jackson Roeske, is a submariner. Tomi was an active duty naval officer for fourteen years and in February 2000 retired as a Captain from the Naval Reserve. She directs all activities related to the existing scholars. This includes the selection process for new awardees, the preparations, processing, updating and dissemination of all applications. Tomi maintains all student files, the database and all correspondence relating to the administration of DSF scholarships.

Ann Maliniak-Projects Administrator/Assistant Secretary to the Board of Directors

Ann is a graduate of Catholic University with a BS in Nursing. She is married to Captain Michael Maliniak, a submariner. Ann joined the DSF staff in early 2000. She produces and distributes the annual Cartoon Calendar, markets our cookbook, designs and creates all our display boards and produces our newsletter. She handles public relations and advertisements, prepares all materials related to our quarterly Board of Directors meetings, as well as boat rep, calendar chairman, Navy Relief chairman, Dolphin Store Chairman, and Vice President.

Barbara van der Biezen -Financial Administrator/Assistant to Director of Finance

Barbara has worked for DSF since late 2001. She is married to Lieutenant Commander Michael van der Biezen, Navigator on USS NEWPORT NEWS. Barbara graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Business Management and Economics from Kent State University. She most recently worked at Pfizer Central Research in Groton, Connecticut as assistant webmaster in Information Resources, where she developed and maintained the Pfizer Research Intranet. From 1995 to present, Barbara has volunteered in many SOWC areas including: auctions in Connecticut and Hawaii, Hawaii ISWAS newsletter editor, Dolphin Store Co-Chairman and most recently helped plan the Navywide Junior Officers’ Spouse workshop-Norfolk. Barbara manages the day-to-day banking, processing all incoming money, preparing payroll checks and taxation forms.

Mary Beth Charlton -Philanthropic Development

Beth joined the staff in October 2001 to develop and implement foundation and corporation fundraising strategies. Beth moved here from the DC area where she worked in the area of grant writing and fundraising for a non-profit organization. She is a graduate of Radford University with a BS in Anthropology.

Marlene Beyrodt -Financial Administrator/Assistant to Director of Finance

Marlene is our newest employee. She started working at DSF this summer. She is married to Captain Dave Beyrodt, Commanding Officer of the Submarine Training Facility. Marlene is a graduate of West Chester State College in Pennsylvania with a degree in Chemistry/Biology. At DSF Marlene manages the day-to-day banking, precessing all incoming money, preparing payroll checks and taxation forms. She has held many volunteer positions with PTA, including president, fundraising chairman, and volunteer coordinator.

We at DSF are always looking for good ideas, suggestions and advice. Again, thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the DSF.

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