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Submarine Sensor Systems Program Office (PMS43S) Fields New Sensor Lifting Mechanism

The Submarine Sensor Systems Program Office (PMS435) announces the fielding of the first major design change to the submarine sail in 30 years with the introduction of the Universal Modular Mast (UMM). The new design approach addresses the high cost and labor-intensive installations of the current technology masts. This is accomplished by providing a hydro-dynamically shaped fairing inside a self-contained module that provides the hydraulic hoisting mechanism inside a self-contained structural housing. The result is a compact, self-contained cartridge type design integrating all hydraulic and mechanical parts in a design that allows size and weight to be minimized. This design will also meet the stringent structural, mechanical, and radiated acoustic noise requirements for submarine systems. The UMM provides the Navy with a drop-in/drop-out installation that can be carried out in a few hours compared to weeks for previous systems. The UMM has been installed on USS ANNAPOLIS (SSN 760) since 1999 for testing with the AN/BVS-1 Photonics Mast.

The UMM design incorporates an installation, overhaul and maintenance philosophy which uses shop alignment and testing to minimize the need for further grooming, adjustments, alignment of internal assemblies and testing shipboard after initial installation. The initial shipboard installation precisely aligns the UMM foundation to support this innovative approach. Four variants of the UMM have been implemented to meet the requirements of the submarine’s sail sensors, using common parts to reduce overall cost of submarine sensor installation. The UMM design and maintenance approach will reduce installation, maintenance, and life cycle costs. Current submarine support activities will be used to maintain the mast and only minimal familiarization training will be required for the system.

The UMM will be installed on the Virginia class attack submarines and is being incorporated into the SSGN submarine conversion. The Virginia class wilt use the UMM for all mast mounted sensors (a total of eight UMMs), while the SSGN conversion wilt only use the UMM for new and upgraded sensors (a total of four UMMs).

The UMM is being procured under a contract with Kollmorgen Electro-Optical located in Northampton, Massachusetts. Calzoni SpA., a subsidiary of Kollmorgen Electro-Optical, designed and manufactures the UMM. They have provided similar designs to various navies around the world. Calzoni is located in Bologna Italy and has been providing engineering products and design innovation since 1843. Calzoni has embraced the government’s desire for lean manufacturing by opening a new factory specifically outfitted and designed for efficient UMM production. In addition Calzoni is working within the Danaher Business Systems (DBS) to improve production and implement processes for manufacturing efficiencies.

With the introduction of the UMM to the fleet, PMS435 has provided the Submarine Force with a highly reliable, cost effective, modular system that will support rapid, cost effective integration of sensor upgrades for the Submarine Force

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