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Mr. Butts is a submarine modeler and is a member of the Subcommittee.

The Subcommittee is an organized network of submarine modelers, historians, and enthusiasts from across the USA and overseas. People interested in submarines, of all ages and professions, have come together in sharing this unique hobby. Among the members of The Subcommittee are many of the worlds most highly recognized names in submarine modeling, both amateur and professional. The roster includes historians and authors, modelers and memorabilia collectors, and active and retired submarine sailors, officers and enlisted alike. Along with individual members, The Subcommittee also finds the spirit of camaraderie with many submarine related institutions such as museums, libraries and archives, and other organizations. Direct contact between members is encouraged, by phone, letter, email, and through the quarterly magazine, The SubCommittee Report. The SubCommittee is, at its core, an information network of friends helping friends. Additionally, local model submarine regattas are held by a number of the local chapters, culminating in the annual international SubRegatta.

The SubCommittee is a non-profit organization and is not affiliated with any vendor or manufacturer, although many vendors and manufacturers have joined as ordinary members. The Subcommittee stands to promote the art of submarine modeling, both static display and radio control, and the study of the history and design and development of submarines from all nations, and all eras. Also popular with many members are the science fiction, fantasy, and movie type submarines, such as NAUTILUS from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and SEA VIEW from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

The subcommittee began as the vision of a few dedicated modelers and historians, in the late I 980’s. Ken Hart, Marshall Clark, and Fred Chang began contacting each other with information on newly released submarine model kits, history, and generally anything else submarine related. Marshall took this interest to the next level, a small, photocopied newsletter containing the pooled information, first distributed to a small mailing list in April 1990. This small group was quickly joined by such submarine model pioneers as Skip Asay, Mike Dory, David Merriman, and others who led the way and shared the information required for the model submarine hobby to grow to where it is today.

Since the formation of The SubCommittee, we have witnessed the art of submarine modeling evolve in all forms. The static modeler has available a wide variety of kits of submarines from all nations and eras, both plastic and resin, in all scales and price ranges. There are photo etched detail parts for kits available from many manufacturers, and accurate decals and markings also.

The radio control side of the hobby has evolved from the days of carved wooden hulls and rudimentary controls, to the point where the average model now is frequently of museum quality in detail and appearance, and is equipped with a fully functional operable ballast system and other systems to allow operation much like the actual ships. Some modelers have equipped their boats with systems which allow them to fire torpedoes, and others to fire missiles (unarmed, of course).

Membership in The SubCommittee brings with it a subscription to our quarterly publication, The Subcommittee Report. This 60 plus page quarterly magazine is a well prepared source of in-formation which contains many features, photographs and articles by many of the truly knowledgeable individuals in the field. The SubCommittee Report is recognized as one of the finest hobby publications available. It is published in the months of March, June, September and December. Sample issues of The Report may be obtained from the Membership Chairman.

We also have a great website at This website’s message board is THE place to ask questions about getting started in model submarining. The Subcommittee website also has lots of photos and information submitted by members that show RIC submarines in action and how to build them. There is also a ‘vendor section’ that can help you locate kits, parts and other items useful in the hobby of r/c submarines.

Current membership in The SubCommittee is approximately 1000 strong. We always extend a warm welcome to any who care to inquire or join us. A competent staff of officers and core members are at hand, as is the entire membership, to help with technical, historical, or general inquires. There are a number of local chapters of the SubCommittee. You will find that members of The SubCommittee are always eager and willing to share their experiences in building and running RIC submarines. Participating in a local chapter is a great way to make new friends and to see RIC submarines in action.

Dues in The SubCommittee are $26 per year in the United States, $30 per year in Canada, and $36 per year for the rest of the world. Payment of these dues will guarantee delivery of all four issues of Tire SubCommittee Report for the current year without regard to when during the year you join. To join, or for further information, please contact:

Don Osler
P .0. Box 16578
Rochester, NY 14612

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