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Nader Elguindi Hudson House, 2006 $13.95, 155 pages ISBN 978-1-58776-857-6

Tt was my great pleasure to review Nader Elguindi’s exciting new book, My Decision To Live. On first glance it describes how a junior officer overcame dramatic medical challenges to Qualify in Submarines. But on a deeper level, I could recognize Nader’s inherent abilities to excel and contribute to goals bigger than him in our world.

The book is formatted to cycle back and forth in time and culminates in addressing his life to date. It starts with his horrible motorcycle accident and initial medical challenges, then spends about a third of the pages focusing on his life up to that point. Much of the book then shifts to his medical challenges and Navy career, culminating in qualification with a prosthetic leg. Finally, he highlights creating from scratch his successful career running a business.

It takes very little creativity to recognize Nader’s key beliefs regarding life’s leadership needs

1. Courage to endure and achieve goals despite huge obstacles
2. Fortitude to create and succeed in a new career if required to change
3. Wonderful human engagement and leadership
4. Permanently improve family arrangements
5. Advise all who read or listen to him to make the best choices life can provide, then live them to the fullest
6. He will donate all proceeds from this book to assist our Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Anny Medical Center

I would like to add two personal views to this review. First, I believe Nader has displayed the general attitude of our modern armed forces. Most of them will not be thrust into such gut-wrenching and traumatic situations in their operational careers. But if they were so chosen, Nader’s approach would generally also apply to theirs. We have a wonderful force of volunteers, and they generally stand ready to succeed against any challenges.

Finally, where Nader additionally succeeds is in his continuing efforts to encourage others who are facing military medical challenges to seek positive conclusions like he did. God Bless this wonderful American!

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