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On Friday, 8 December 2006 the Naval Submarine League (NSL) transferred their domain name to a new server containing a redesigned webpage and database that culminated over two years work by two of our Corporate Benefactors and League staff. The NSL webpage was redesigned with a new look and a lot more capability to help keep it updated. A relational database that allows the League to keep all of their data in a web-based system with easy access to a number of features that are discussed in this article. It is recommended that you log on to the website to view the capabilities that are available to you as a casual user and also the additional benefits that are available once you log in with your membership information.

A principal benefit of the new site is its upgraded appearance with a capability to change much of the information on the site by a dedicated webmaster. As you scan the tabs at the top of the site, you will note that most of the links that were on our former webpage are still there with some logical associations. About NSL has all the basic information about the organization, Officers, Directors, Activities and a list of Corporate Benefactors linked to their web pages. Join NSL provides all the information needed to join the League.

The next tab will have the Membership Directory that is under construction. The League intends to join with the developer of Deck log to provide an improved resource to locate submarine personnel for our members. This site already supports the Levering Smith Chapter and the owner, a former member of the ROBERT E. LEE (SSBN 601) crew, has offered to provide this capability to the League. Members will have the opportunity to select what information is available for public viewing. Deck Log also hosts the USS VI website and other USSVI Bases. We will be providing additional information to our members as this capability is developed. The Chapters page provides a link to Chapter websites, where available.

The Publications tab links the viewer to the current index of THE SUBMARINE REVIEW and also to the NSL UPDATES that provide current news and information to our members. The NSL Annual Report is published each year in April with the results of our fiscal year finances and operations. The Symposiums tab links to pages providing further information on three annual symposiums sponsored by the League. The Awards and Recognition tab provides a place to report winners of Fleet Awards and the Undersea Warfare Annual Photo Contest and Literary Awards.

The Reunions tab supports our submarines in announcing reunions and providing links to their sites for registration and further information. Members can report their reunion to the Operations Director at and we will post the event on this tab. The Submarines tab answers a request from many visitors for more pictures of submarines. This is a work in process as we load additional pictures for presentation on this viewer. If you have interesting photos of submarines that you are willing to share, please send them to me at

The Recommend This Site tab allows members and others to forward a link to the website to their friends, hopefully with a recommendation that they consider joining the League if they are a Submarine Advocate. The Link tab provides some convenient links to other sources of submarine information. Recommendations for improvements and additions to this tab are solicited.

The Home tab is a new feature that rotates the pictures on the header each time you click it. Give it a try and note the variety that is now available.

Each member can log into the web page using their login name or member number and a password. Your member number can be retrieved from headquarters and if you have forgotten your password, we can reset that for you and send you an email with that information. Note that we encourage you to use your email address as the login name. That will be easier for you to remember. Also, if your current email address is not on file, we will have to update that information in order for you to receive the report of any changes you desire to make. We will help you with this process. Our toll free number and email address is available on the login page. The first action you will have to take is to change your password from the one we provided you. Then you will be able to pay your dues, change your user name, and edit a resume’, a capability that is being added to our support of our members. This link provides the League’s toll free number for assistance if you need some help in getting this information. In this section you will be able to pay your membership dues using our secure server, change your password and login name and a new feature for editing your resume. Also on this page is a link to provide the member with a new password if they don’t remember their current one. You must have a current email address on file to use this capability. If in doubt, please call the office for assistance.

Last year the League reported on an initiative to assist members in career transition and Corporate Benefactors to link up for possible employment opportunities. Members will be able to post a resume, as noted above, on their individual page. Corporate Benefactors will be able to provide a list of job opportunities and review the available resumes for these positions. Information on the startup of the Second Career Network will be promulgated as soon as the links are established and tested along with the policy for using them. This capability will be announced in an NSL UPDATE and on the webpage.

The League appreciates all of resources and effort devoted to developing this new capability for promoting the League and attracting new members. If you have recommendations on how we can improve its usefulness please send your ideas to for consideration and implementation.

CDR James D. Hovaler, USN(Ret)
LT Jon B. Jolly, USNR
CAPT Alfred M. Koster IV, USN(Ret)
Mr. James R. Leach
Mr. George L. Lengemann
Dr. Don H. Pickrell, Jr.
CAPT Don O’Shea, USN(Ret)
RADM Sumner Shapiro, USN(Ret)
CDR Robert W. Ullman, USN(Ret)

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