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For fifty years, the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation has provided financial assistance to children and stepchildren of submariners to attend undergraduate colleges and universities across America. Since 1961, over eight million dollars have been awarded to more than 1,000 students. Two thirds of recent graduates have majored in the sciences and mathematics. The 2010 Scholar Profile below shows the outstanding caliber of these students.

Where does the money come from to help these students achieve their goals? Primarily from individuals, in a variety of ways.

Spouse Clubs

DSF was founded and initially funded by the submarine officers’ wives’ clubs, and the submarine spouse organizations continue to be a keystone of funding for Dolphin Scholarships. Jn Fiscal Year 2010, submarine spouse organizations in Groton, Norfolk, Kings Bay, Bangor and Pearl Harbor donated more than $130,000! As you can see in the accompanying chart, this money is over 31 % of total donations to DSF. Donations from spouse clubs are raised primarily through the annual “Silver and Gold Auctions” and Dolphin Stores. These activities are operated entirely by each area spouse organization, and are independent of the Foundation. Additional money is donated from regional Dolphin Stores, which are managed and operated by submarine spouse volunteers. In FY 2010, a total of $18,000 was donated to DSF by the Dolphin Stores – enough to fund 5 scholarships!

Submarine Community

Some home ports such as San Diego do not have a formal spouse organization, but several submarine communities rally and donate to DSF, raising funds through auctions and submarine birthday balls. These generous communities include San Diego and Omaha.

Submarine Veterans

Submarine veterans have been an important source of funding for scholarships, beginning with the US SUBVETS WWII Scholarship Program. Members of US SUBVETS WWII and now the US Submarine Veterans, Inc., continue to donate to Dolphin Scholarships. Sadly, many of the donations from Submarine veterans are in memory of shipmates who have gone on “eternal patrol.”

Over the past 10 years, 40% of donations to DSF have come from the submarine community – spouse clubs, Dolphin Stores, “sub communities” and Submarine veterans. The Silent Service is still a major benefactor of helping our families achieve their dreams of higher education.

Memorial Donations

While memorial donations are unpredictable and thus cannot be budgeted, donations made to DSF in memory of loved ones are a significant source of funds. In FY 20 l 0, memorial donations totaled over $10,000, not including donations designated for specific memorial

Named Scholarships.

Named Scholarships Some memorial and honorary donations are large enough to establish and endow Named Scholarships. Scholarships currently being endowed include the Arlie McNeil/, RADM Arlington Campbell, and the VADM J. Gny and Mrs. Janet Reynolds Scholarships.

Corporate Donations

Defense related companies continue to support Dolphin Scholarships, by direct grants as well as generous sponsorships for the annual DSF Golf Tournaments. Corporate donations for FY 2010 for unrestricted gifts and golf sponsorship totaled $36,050.

DSF Fundraisers

The DSF staff conducts several fundraisers a year, including the cartoon calendar, now in its 4g•h year of publication. The increased use of home computers and PDAs makes the calendar seem “old fashioned,” but loyal customers remain. Although cartoon artists are fewer and profits from the calendar are significantly less than past decades, the Annual Cartoon Calendar tradition continues as a fundraiser and marketing effort.

At least once a year, DSF mails a direct solicitation .. birthday card” to the Foundation’s entire mailing list, in honor of the birth of the Submarine Force. In years past, DSF also mailed Christmas cards soliciting end of the year donations, until the mailing list grew too large to justify the expense of the cards and mailing.

Dolphin Scholarship Foundation is an annual participant in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), with pledges and donations received from around the world. In FY 2010, DSF received over $30,000 in CFC donations.

Throughout the years, submarine spouse clubs and DSF have produced and sold cookbooks, including Dolphin Dishes, Dips & fu, Dining with Dolphins and Diving into Dolphin History DSF has published two other books as fundraisers, a compendium of submarine service stories called Dolphin Tales and the Thirty Years of Submarine Hum or cartoon book.

DSF has conducted two virtual submarine races to commemorate the 50th anniversaries of historic voyages by USS NAUTILUS (“Race to the North Pole”) and USS TRITON (“Race Around the World”). Net proceeds from these races totaled over $80,000.

In 2006, DSF hosted its first golf tournament. The 20 I 0 Annual Golf Tournament will be the fifth tourney. A total of more than $100,000 has been raised by golfers and corporate sponsors. The 5th Annual DSF Golf Tournament will be held Friday, October I, at Virginia Beach National Golf Course, Virginia Beach, VA. Title sponsors for 2010 are once again Lockheed Martin MS2, General Dynamics Electric Boat and Northrop Grumman.

In 2009, DSF combined forces with sister foundations Wings Over America and Anchor Scholarship Foundations to host the “Grand Slam for Scholars” Tennis Tournament. Northrop Grumman returns as the title sponsor for the event, to be held October 29-30-31 at the FolkesStevens Indoor Tennis Center at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. Court sponsorships are still available at $200. The winner of the tournament gets bragging rights for the air, surface or submarine community.

The most recent fundraising effort by DSF is the Submarine Community Pin designed by DC jeweler Ann Hand. Karen Young and Diane Donald are the volunteer Sales Committee; look for them at the NSL Symposium in October. A portion of the sales will benefit Dolphin Scholarships.

Giving Circles

Colleges and universities solicit their alumni to give back. Dolphin Scholars, who have received money to attend colleges, should do no less. To that end, The Haities Society was established in 2006. Named to honor John L. Haines, Jr., the first Dolphin Scholar, the society recognizes fonner Dolphin Scholars who donate to DSF.

The first member of The Haines Society was John Haines himself. He and his wife Esther give generously of their time and money. John and family members play in our annual golf tournament, and he has been on the Selection Committee in 2009 and 2010. After Gavin Matthews was selected as the 1,OOO’h Dolphin Scholar, John passed the torch to him.

Current Scholars whose parents donate are also granted membership. At press time, there are 117 society members, with almost $22,000 donated to date. Before 2006, Dolphin Scholar alums were neither routinely contacted, nor asked to help continue the tradition of Submariners to assist our children achieve their dreams.

Parents’ Circle

This giving circle recognizes parents of Dolphin Scholars who donate to DSF. Since the circle’s establishment in 2007, over $7,000 has been directly donated by parents of Dolphin Scholars. Since tracking of donations from parents began in 2006, additional donations by parents to all accounts total over $35,000.

Scorpion Circle of Family and Friends and Thresher Circle of Family and Friends

These special giving circles were established in 2009. Donations made to these recognition circles honor the sacrifices made by the families and crews of USS SCORPION (SSN 589) and USS THRESHER (SSN 593).

Other Bequests Several individuals have named Dolphin Scholarship Foundation in their wills. Two such extremely generous persons bequeathed sums of several hundred thousand dollars each: Edith Emily Kennedy, whose husband Lisle Kennedy was a submariner and worked at General Dynamics Electric Boat for many years, and Joe Henry Senft, a submarine veteran of World War II. It is easy to remember Dolphin Scholarships in your will. Please contact DSF for more information.

“50 Years of Scholarships”

Today, the Foundation supports 127 Scholars who each receive $3,400 each year, for an annual total of $431,800. The renew ability of the scholarship makes it a potential award of $13 ,800 for each student over four years.

The extraordinary generosity and history for the past fifty years of financial support to children of Submariners could not have been possible without the sustained and generous support of all our donors. For more information about Dolphin Scholarships, or to donate online, visit . Commitment and Excellence in School and Community Multiple activities, including employment, over several years with evidence of leadership (Example: Office in student government, varsity team captain, Eagle Scout). Commitment and Excellence in School and Community Multiple activities, including employment, over several years with evidence of leadership continuing at the college level.

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