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It was Halloween in Yokosuka, Japan in 1973 and the Submarine Group Seven staff officers and wives were enjoying themselves at a Halloween party hosted by one of the staff officers in his quarters on base. That event was billed as a costume party and everyone had gotten into the spirit of the evening, and into the spirits that the host provided as well. Many of us were half in the bag.

The telephone rang. It was a summons to the Command Cave, which belonged to Commander U.S. Naval Forces, Japan. The Rear Admiral wanted to see Commander Submarine Group Seven and his key staff officers to discuss certain highly classified submarine operations in the Sea of Japan. Apparently there was a problem.

The Commodore, myself, (the Chief Staff Officer), and the Group Intelligence Officer, set out for the Command Cave. The Commodore, Captain Jack Nunnelly, was attired in a bunny suit with large ears, well suited for a costume party, perhaps not as well suited for an emergency meeting with an Admiral about highly classified submarine operations. The intelligence officer, Lieutenant Scott Van Hoften, was also wearing a bunny suit with large ears. You could certainly tell the rabbits apart because Scott was 6 feet 5 inches tall, and Jack was only about 5 feet 8 inches tall. I was costumed as a great white hunter in my safari suit.

We arrived at the Command Cave and the look on the face of the Marine corporal who checked our identification cards was unbelieving. We went in, talked to the Rear Admiral, who never even cracked a smile at our attire, answered all his questions to his satisfaction, and departed past the same bemused Marine corporal, to return to the party.

I always wondered what the corporal told his buddies back at the Marine Barracks about the events of the evening .

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